New Healthy Spot Brand Products

New Healthy Spot Brand Products

Jan 06, 2017Nick Batcheller
Introducing new additions to Healthy Spot's line of products! We started with our Healthy Spot Bully Sticks, Apparel, and Donut Beds to ensure top quality and added features at a great value. Now we’re adding USA Made Chews, Yak Chews, Poop Bags and a Blanket & Toy set. We guarantee that they will keep you and your pup safe, happy and healthy.



Now your dog can enjoy long lasting and high quality chews that are made right here in the U.S.A! Choose from bully sticks, cow ears, steer sticks and prime rib back straps. All of these chews are high in protein, are long lasting and contain no artificial preservatives.




Healthy Spot tested and dog approved. Your dogs are going spend hours chewing and enjoying these treats. These Yak Chews are low in fat and made with 100% Yak Milk with no additives.


We all have to do it, even if we don't like it. At least you can do it in style with our Healthy Spot print poop bags! Our exclusive line of Healthy Spot Poop Bags are available in citrus and unscented varieties.



Like our Healthy Spot Donut Beds, our Healthy Spot Blankets & Toy Sets are made in Los Angeles using high quality fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Keeping your pup warm and entertained has never been easier, as each blanket comes with a matching toy. Available in red, navy and grey.


Check out or stylish Healthy Spot products at your local Healthy Spot or purchase them online. 

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