January Round Up For Rescues // Pacific Pups Rescue

January Round Up For Rescues // Pacific Pups Rescue

Jan 09, 2017Nick Batcheller

The next time you shop at your local Healthy Spot round up your purchase the nearest dollar and the difference will be donated to Pacific Pups Rescue!


Read Their Story Here: 

Pacific Pups Rescue started in 2016 when I noticed not only did dogs of "discriminated against" breeds and ages need way more help from rescues in Los Angeles, but I also saw that the community needed more help and guidance when it came to helping its homeless dogs.  I personally, as well as numerous people I know, found stray dogs and couldn't find a single rescue that would help.  We weren't sure what to do with these dogs, and certainly didn't want them to meet the fate that so many other dogs in the Los Angeles shelter system do.  

I started Pacific Pups Rescue because I wanted to help the "less adoptable" dogs of Los Angeles - the ones most rescues pass on pulling from the shelters.  I also wanted people of the community to have someone to be able to call when they needed guidance in regards to a stray they found, or help rehoming the dog of a family member who passed away. 

Pacific Pups Rescue stayed true to its word, its first Rescue being a 9 year old poodle on death row, the next being a black lab mix whose owner could no longer care for him.    We take in all breeds, sizes, and ages, placing them in loving foster homes - never in kennels.  We work with dogs who have behavioral issues, get all our dogs fixed and vetted, and network and show them until we find them a great forever home.  We think every dog deserves a second chance at a happy life, and think that every great family deserves the love of a great dog. 

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