Must-Have Tips For Planning A Pawty

Must-Have Tips For Planning A Pawty

May 07, 2021Candice Maniga

It’s our birthday month and we’re ready to pawty! Our Small Dog Daycare rooms are now available at select locations for booking small, private pawties, so you can spend time with fur-iends in a safe, air-conditioned place as the weather gets warm. It doesn't need to be a dog birthday party to get your pack together, with happy pups full of energy, there's always a reason to pawty!

Dog birthday party photo

You only need 5 steps to plan a pawty:

  1. Set a date.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Finalize the deets.
  4. Invite your fur-iends.
  5. Have fun!

    Planning a dog party really is as easy as those 5 steps, but planning a great one can take some time. We spoke to Sierra and Voenicia from our Community team--they’re the masterminds behind every fun Healthy Spot event--for tips on using these 5 steps to have a pawfect event!

    1+ Months In Advance: Start The Pawty Plans
    Private pawties are only available on Sundays at select locations, so available bookings can go fast! Sierra, our Senior Marketing Manager, recommends requesting to book a slot as soon as you know your ideal date! This also allows for time to figure out your invitation list and what festivities will take place.

    • Guest List Tip: “Invite dogs that have played together before, or at least introduce pups prior to pawty time in a neutral space like on a walk or in a park,” says Sierra. “To make sure all the party dogs are having fun, be vigilant about monitoring dog body language. Watch our Spring Bark Socialization for more tips on monitoring pup play.”

    • Send E-Vites: Voenicia, our Community Marketing Coordinator, suggested e-vites as easy ways to keep your guest list in the loop once you’ve sorted out your pawty plans! Some e-vite websites will send out reminders leading up to an event date to make sure your guests won’t forget!

      2-4 Weeks Away: Choose A Theme 
      It may not make a difference to the dogs, but adding human elements like a theme or a costume contest to a dog party can make it more fun for the pawrents in attendance.

      • Theme Tip: If you’re having trouble thinking of a theme or costume contest, stop by your local Spot to check out the apparel section. A lūʻau theme is easygoing enough for pawrents to participate, plus we carry festive shirts for the pups.

      • Pet & Pawrent Activities: Plan some fun for everyone with games and contests that your guests could win a prize for. Other than a costume contest, an easy challenge to plan is to award the pup with the Best Trick.

      7 days Away: Tie Up Final Details
      In the week leading up to your pawty, make time to visit the Healthy Spot location where you’ll be hosting. Voenicia suggests scoping out the parking situation to advise your guests.

      • Make It Memorable Tip: While you’re at the store, Sierra suggests picking out party favors or small toys and treats to make goodie bags for your guests. This way, the pawty won’t stop when everyone heads home. Our MIND BODY BOWL Bully Sticks and toy selection make great gifts. Plus, you can pack a toy or chew in a bag with an assortment of MIND BODY BOWL Packaged Treats split between guests.

      Day Of: Set The Mood
      Finally, the day you’ve been prepping for has arrived! It’s time to celebrate your pup! To get your guests in the pawty spirit as soon as they arrive, Sierra suggests bringing a portable speaker and making a pawty playlist (or using one of our Spotify playlists).

      Now that you know all you need to host the pawty of the year, it’s time to book your pet’s private event! Plus, don’t forget to tag @healthyspot on Instagram when you’re sharing all the pics and videos!

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