Get To Know ZIWI

Get To Know ZIWI

Sep 28, 2020Candice Maniga

At Healthy Spot, we take pride in knowing the brands that we carry share in our commitment to keep pets healthy and happy. Spot's Co/Lab is our pack of innovative partners aligned with our mission of inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by providing unique and impactful experiences with our community. This month, we’re featuring ZIWI!

ZIWI dedicates themselves to keeping pets at their peak health and staying true to the Kiwi home where they gained these values, New Zealand. Coming from a country known for its athletic people, farm-to-bowl lifestyle and breathtaking landscapes, ZIWI delivers a New Zealand experience with every bite. 

The ZIWI Difference
Most of  ZIWI’s recipes largely center around the raw-alternative air-drying technique, an artisan method they use to preserve meats naturally instead of using artificial ingredients. In addition to being packed with nutrients, this method also enables their foods to be a highly-digestible choice for pets. With the selection ZIWI creates, there’s an option for packing on the protein, topping off with a slight boost of nutrients and everything in-between. As an added bonus, the twin-stage process behind ZIWI recipes eliminates pathogenic bacteria (e.g. E. coli, salmonella and listeria) while creating foods safe to store for up to 21 months!

Confessions Of A Healthy Spot Team Member
Our Healthy Spot community, both customers and team members, aren’t strangers to ZIWI’s impact! We spoke to our Digital Marketing Manager, Emily Wallace, to learn what makes ZIWI the right choice for her pup, Lola:

What made ZIWI stand apart from other brands for you? 

  • Emily: My pup Lola and I are always on the go, so I love that ZIWI offers air-dried foods that are shelf stable. Through their air-drying process, they are able to maintain the nutrients from the raw ingredients without the hassle of needing to refrigerate the food. Plus, all of ZIWI's products are made with humane, ethical and sustainable ingredients which is very important to me. 

Not all dogs are the same, so what makes ZIWI great for your pet? 

  • Emily: I like to rotate recipes so that Lola can get the benefits of different protein sources and ZIWI’s variety makes that easy. Their recipes are so unique and usually have more than one protein source which keeps mealtime exciting for Lola! 

What are your favorite ZIWI products? 

Do you have any tips for other pet parents that want to use the same products for their pets? 

  • Emily: I highly recommend giving ZIWI a try, but if anyone plans to do so, they should make sure to introduce the new food slowly. Start by feeding 25% of the new food with 75% of their current food for a few days. Then, slowly up the ratio of the new ZIWI food to avoid any upset stomachs!

Find a wide range of ZIWI, from air-dried foods to nutritious chews, canned toppers and meals at your local Healthy Spot or on today! With their variety, your dog or cat will reach “peak nutrition without compromise” in no time!


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