5 Costumes for Dogs This Halloween

5 Costumes for Dogs This Halloween

Oct 09, 2020Candice Maniga

Spooky season is our favorite time of year, but we know finding the pawfect Halloween costume can be challenging! We’re making celebrating a little easier with an amazing selection of dog costumes available at your local Spot featuring classics to current trends. Even better, our costume selections make for easy pairings so you can match your pawtner-in-crime! Check out some of our favorites from this year’s dog costumes for Halloween 2020:

Ghostbuster: Who you gonna call? Your pup, the Ghostbuster! Equipped with an official uniform and proton pack, this classic costume will keep the compliments flowing and the ghosts away.
*Matching Costume Suggestion: Ghostbuster, Ghost or Dana Barrett. 

Lando Calrissian: Venture into a galaxy far far away and dress your pup up as Lando this year! Though a lesser known Star Wars character, this used-to-be-smuggler winds up a hero as he leads a group of rebels in an attack against the Empire. That’s a pretty epic costume if you ask us!
*Matching Costume Suggestion: Qi'ra, Chewbacca, Han Solo or Princess Leia

Dogter/Vet: Transform your pup into one of the true heroes of 2020 - the doctors (or as we like to say, DOGters.)
*Matching Costume Suggestions: Doctor, Nurse or Patient 

Wonder Woman: The world will know your furry gal rescued you, not the other way around when she wears this Wonder Woman dog costume!
*Matching Costume Suggestions: Steve Trevor, Supergirl or an Amazon

T-Bird: Go grease lightning! Your sweet pup will be bad-to-the-bone in this jacket!
*Matching Costume Suggestions: Fellow T-Bird, Pink Lady or Coach Calhoun

Whether you’re having a night in or taking a spooky stroll, Halloween with your pup will be a howl-and-a-half with any of these costumes! Once you dress up your pet, be sure to show us with an entry to our Spooky Spot contest! With an entry to our costume contest, you have a chance to win a prize pack valued up to $200 for you and your pup to enjoy!

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