Get To Know Stella & Chewy's

Get To Know Stella & Chewy's

Aug 27, 2020Candice Maniga

At Healthy Spot, we take pride in knowing the brands that we carry share in our commitment to keep pets healthy and happy. Spot's Co/Lab is our pack of innovative partners aligned with our mission of inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by providing unique and impactful experiences with our community. This month, we’re featuring Stella & Chewy’s!

Stella & Chewy's Collection On Healthy Spot


Meet Stella & Chewy’s
Nearly 20 years ago, a dog mom named Marie was fascinated by the benefits of raw nutrition and got to work in her tiny kitchen in Manhattan. Fast-forward to today and Stella & Chewy’s has widely surpassed the walls of Marie’s kitchen, now providing quality pet nutrition all over the world. 

The company name came from Marie’s pets, Stella and Chewy, who were adopted as adults. Inspired by Marie’s rescues, the brand’s commitment to give back shifted specifically toward helping adult and senior pets in need of adoption with the creation of the Stella & Chewy’s Journey Home Fund. With every purchase of Stella & Chewy’s products, the Journey Home Fund donates meals to feed adult and senior shelter pets, providing nutrition and a spotlight to help expedite the search for their furever families.

“Only The Good Stuff”
Stella & Chewy’s aims to create recipes for both dogs and cats made of “only the good stuff,” using ethically-sourced ingredients without hormones or antibiotics. Each of their raw recipes contains up to 95% of meat, organs and bone, with the source of every animal protein being grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught or farm-raised. In line with their commitments to creating healthy pet food, Stella & Chewy’s also values transparency and credibility when it comes to the quality of their recipes. On their site, curious pet parents can find a map of where they source each type of ingredient, along with directly-quoted vet approvals in favor of their foods. 

Confessions Of A Healthy Spot Team Member
Stella & Chewy’s is a favorite among the Healthy Spot community, from our customers like you to members of our team! We spoke to our Senior Marketing Manager, Sierra Enticknap, to learn why she favors Stella & Chewy’s for her dog, George, and newest feline family member, Biggie:

  • Why do you buy Stella & Chewy's for your pets? How long have you used them?
    Sierra: I've been feeding Stella & Chewy's to [my dog] George since I started at Healthy Spot in 2015. [Our kitten] Biggie started on Stella & Chewy’s when we brought him home. Both of my pets are picky eaters, but they love Stella & Chewy’s and there's no hesitation when eating their food. Beyond the pets always eating their food right away and the products having super pristine ingredient panels, I also love how much they do to support the pet community and the brand philosophies--they're serious about nutrition, but fun and playful!
  • What are your favorite S&C products?
    Sierra: George eats a completely raw food diet, so I switch between the frozen Surf n' Turf and Chewy's Chicken Dinner Patties. If I'm traveling or visiting family, I use the freeze-dried morsels which are easy, they're also great to take along for a snack if we're hiking or away from home for a while. Biggie LOVES their Purrfect Pate, and we rotate between all of the flavors to keep it exciting for him. We're trying to get him to go raw, so we're slowly incorporating the turkey recipe of their Marvelous Morsels. For treats, our go-to is the Wild Weenies. They're only freeze-dried proteins, but great for training because they're small!
  • Do you have any tips for other pet parents that want to use the same products for their pets or a reason why certain products are the best for your pets?
    Sierra: When I'm feeding freeze-dried, I always add warm water (versus just cold) because it brings out the aroma of the food and the pets seem to be more drawn to it. I also change up the protein each time I buy. That way George doesn't get bored. Feeding frozen raw and freeze-dried can be tough because it takes more effort to prep the food and store in the freezer, but the investment of your time is worth it for your pet's health. You will notice the effects of raw almost immediately in their coat and skin: they'll be a lot less itchy. Plus, George is 6 years old now and has never had any digestion issues including gas or diarrhea. And, the small, not smelly, poop also really does make a difference in both of our happiness when taking walks!

Find a wide range of Stella & Chewy’s, from frozen raw to freeze-dried raw, to kibble, Meal Mixers and pates, at your local Healthy Spot or on today! With so much to choose from, it’s easy to provide “only the good stuff” for your dog or cat!


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