Customers And Their Raw Dog Food Journey

Customers And Their Raw Dog Food Journey

Oct 19, 2017Joseph Hotter

What’s the hype about feeding raw? It’s well deserved fame is greatly due to its impact on pets’ health, from something as simple as relieving skin issues, to reversing long-term health issues. It may sound intimidating to owners who have only fed kibble and canned food, but once they start feeding raw, they’ll realize the benefits far outweigh initial concerns. Still don’t believe in raw food’s effect? We’ve asked a few of our loyal customers, who are living proof of such a transformation, to share their raw dog food journey and how it’s changed their pet’s lives. Get inspired and join the Rawnivore Tribe today!


Dana And Her Pup, Lucy – Potty Problem




For Dana, it all started about four years ago when she began taking six-year-old Lucy to Small Dog Daycare. With Lucy suffering from soft, loose stool, Dana was worried that Lucy’s daily kibble diet was causing more harm than good. With this in mind, she spoke to Uriel Chavez, Senior Training Manager, and he recommended adding raw food to Lucy’s diet. As it is for many people who are first introduced to raw, Dana was overwhelmed with the transition, so Uriel suggested The Honest Kitchen instead. This brand offers dehydrated food made from minimally processed, human grade ingredients – perfect to transition pets from kibble to a raw food diet.  Dana exclaims, “Lucy loved it!  And her stool had become normal, which meant that I loved it too.”

About a year ago, Dana finally gave frozen raw food a chance and, “Lucy went crazy for it!” Dana’s furry friend begs for Primal or smallbatch frozen raw for breakfast, and Honest Kitchen (Spruce or Love flavor) for dinner. As for treats, Dana gives Lucy The Honest Kitchen Proper Topper Grain Free Beef so she gets her crunch in during the day.

“From feeding these types of foods to Lucy, I have noticed a difference in the brown tear stains in the corners of her eyes - although she still has them, they are not as bad, and easier to clean; her poop is much more normal; and the best thing I have found is that my 10-year-old dog still looks and acts like a 2-year-old pup,” says Dana.


Amber And Her Pup, Mabel - Hot Spots And Itch




With California’s warm weather all year around, it’s to no surprise that many pets in the area suffer from hot spots and itching. Amber noticed her 8-year-old Labradoodle, Mabel, would get worse in the hottest months of summer. Mabel was miserable and constantly chewing and licking her spots, which were getting worse every year. As a concerned pet owner, Amber naturally took Mabel to the vet, but did not get much help.

Amber has been suffering from an autoimmune disease for three years now, and recalls her doctor asking her to change her diet to help alleviate and decrease her symptoms. With her pup’s allergies beginning to act up as early as April, this forced Amber to think about all the potential causes. Since she saw a change in her own health when she transitioned to a wholesome diet, she figured it can apply to Mabel too.

One day, Amber stopped by our Costa Mesa location where she spoke to Leigh-Anne, our Retail Manager, and began Mabel’s journey to raw. “Within about five or so weeks after the full transition, I started noticing some great things!” Amber noticed in Mabel:

  • Small stool without a strong scent
  • A perfect healthy weight
  • Regular appetite
  • A shinier and softer coat with less knots
  • More energy
  • Brighter eyes

But most importantly, Mabel’s scratching and chewing significantly decreased! “I was no longer waking up multiple times through the night with her chewing and scratching!” Amber states.

Amber feeds Mabel two times a day, and likes to switch up the flavors to keep Mabel excited. She likes to feed The Honest Kitchen base mix with smallbatch Blends that Mabel enjoys in Chicken, Beef, Turkey, and Rabbit.  When an itch arises, she likes to give Mabel a ¼ teaspoon of Bixbi Skin + Coat Mushroom Powder and the itchiness disappears!

“I had considered a couple years ago to transition to the raw diet, but the financial aspect seemed to be overwhelming at the time for our budget. It took her getting worse, to really see the value of it and how much I am saving in other areas with her being so much healthier,” said Amber.


Leigh-Anne And Her Pup, Pixie - Chronic Ear Infection




Pixie and her mom Leigh-Anne moved to the US from Africa, where feeding fresh foods to pets is more common. With kibble and canned food dominating the pet food industry in the U.S., Leigh-Anne chose to give it a try. However, as soon as she began feeding kibble, she noticed Pixie developed a chronic ear infection she had never suffered from before. It wasn’t until later that she linked Pixie’s ear issue with her diet.

When Leigh-Anne began working at Healthy Spot, she was introduced to raw dog food and began feeding Primal. We’re happy to announce her pet is now ear infection free! “I've saved almost, if not more, than $1,000 a year in vet bills and she no longer has to suffer the constant misery of ear infections.”

Leigh-Anne likes to feed a variety of brands and flavors, giving Pixie a rotational diet she never gets bored of. For a wholesome meal, Leigh-Anne likes to give Pixie Primal in Pork and Venison and smallbatch in Rabbit and Duck. For treats, Pixie enjoys Tucker’s in Pork and Bison, as well as Primal’s Raw Goat’s Milk

As someone who saw the difference once they transitioned their own pet, Leigh-Anne suggested her dad do the same. Leigh-Anne’s dad, Mike, has a shepherd mix named Django, who has had a few abdominal abstraction surgeries in the past from eating toys. With a sensitive stomach, Leigh-Anne thought it’d be best to feed Django raw. Like many pet owners, Mike didn’t know there were more options out there to feed other than kibble. Leigh-Anne personally bought several boxes of The Honest Kitchen and explained its compatibility to a dog’s digestive system. Mike was in shock when he saw what it did for Django – bringing his pet happiness, comfort, and overall quality of life. Mike now only feeds frozen raw, freeze dried raw, and Primal’s Raw Goat’s Milk.


Sandra And Her Cat, Oliver – Imprint On Kibble




Did you know cats are known to “imprint” on food at a young age? Sandra learned this the hard way when it came to Oliver, her four-year-old cat who has been fed kibble all his life.  Sandra owns two Sphynx cats, Oliver and Lucy. Lucy is only one year old and already eats raw food, so it’s easy to switch her between raw brands and textures. However, Oliver ate kibble his entire life, so his transition to raw food has been a challenging journey.

Cats imprint because it helps them avoid foods that might be poisonous, but little do they know they are missing out on a delicious treat! Even though it has been a long journey for Sandra and Oliver to transition to raw, we’re excited to see that Oliver has now joined the Rawnivore Tribe! He, as well as Lucy, enjoy smallbatch Duck Sliders and freeze-dried turkey hearts as treats. With this new diet, Sandra noticed Oliver has more energy and is in an overall happier state. We’re excited for Oliver’s new health and thrilled for his next journey to trying frozen raw next!


We’re honored to have been a part of these individuals’ decisions in converting their pet to raw food. At Healthy Spot, we strive to educate every single person that walks into our doors about raw and all its wonderful benefits. Bring in your pup for a complimentary raw treat and let them decide for themselves! Are you ready to start your pet’s raw dog food journey? Stop by and talk to our raw experts today so you can join our Rawnivore Tribe!

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  • Raw food diet literally saved the life of my miniature dachshund Herbie. He had stomach issues and skin issues. I had taken him to so many vets that I felt guilty. Read about the raw food diet and transitioned immediately. Stomach issues cleared up immediately and within weeks he no longer had the smelly skin. I have since adopted 2 dachshunds and they are on the Primal raw as well. I feel that Primal and Stella & Chewy’s meet the safest as well most quality of all the raw

    Audrey Maqks

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