Brands That Give Something Back

Brands That Give Something Back

Oct 18, 2017Stephanie Aguilera

We strive to incorporate philanthropic efforts everywhere we can – down to our profits. We’ve teamed up with brands that give something back to pets, community, and anybody in need! Lend an extra paw this giving season while you shop and look out for these brands the next time you stop by Healthy Spot.


Planet Dog



Leading the pet industry in social responsibility, Planet Dog’s eco-friendly toys continue to spread the joy to more than just your pet. This value-based company contributes a percentage of every sale to their philanthropic branch, the Planet Dog Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that strives to provide funding and support to service dog organizations, so they can continue training and matching humans with a pet perfect for them. From providing emotional therapy, to averting a life-threatening situation, dogs have a natural capacity to care and love us unconditionally, which Planet Dog believes people in need can greatly benefit from. Planet Dog strives to make maximum impact through grants, production donations, capacity building, and referral services. We’re proud to work with a brand that has given over $1.6 million to help dogs who serve their best friend.





Known for their beautifully crafted collars, Seiba helps bring recognition and reliable incomes to individual artisans in communities in distress. Seiba’s collars are hand-woven and overlaid on top of a durable leather collar.  With so many one-of-a-kind patterns, they are perfect for every style out there!

These collars are designed by indigenous Mayan women in the highlands of Mexico. The women weave the patterns and Seiba purchases the weaves directly from the women. This creates a situation that everyone benefits from– the Mayan communities earn incomes without needing to leave home, while Seiba gets to share unique products for people to enjoy. As the Mayan Seiba tree once connected all people and planes of existence, this brand is doing just that – bringing us all together through consciousness and fashion. Check out some of their products here.


Jax & Bones



Known for their luxurious beds, Jax & Bones provides durable, high-quality designs that give back to pets in need, while saving the earth too! They have partnered with The Rescue Train, a non-profit, no kill organization supported by passionate and dedicated volunteers. You can check out Jax & Bones at their annual Race For The Rescues, which funds and supports many other important animal welfare organizations. Jax & Bones also donates 10% of their sales from the Good Karma Rope Toys to animal rescue groups across the United States.

The giving doesn’t stop there. Jax & Bones provides eco-friendly products, helping save the earth one product at a time. Their popular beds are stuffed with their signature filler, Sustainafill, made from recycled soda bottles. Additionally, their toys are dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. Whether you’re interested in saving pets, the earth, or both, their products are sure to help you make an impact. Check out some of their great products here.


Found My Animal



Fabricated with a passion for animal welfare, Found My Animal provides collars and leashes handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York. With a slogan like, “let your pet wear your values,” Found My Animal promotes animal adoptions in a very direct way. Every product comes with a stamped FOUND tag, to serve as a reminder and to celebration how you and your pet found each other. They encourage rescue first, purchase second. This shows in their history of donations to animal rescue organizations, such as to Adopt NY, Austin Pets Alive, Best Friends Animal Society, and dozens more you can check out here. Their social media, especially their Instagram, are also constantly promoting adoptions and highlighting pets looking for a home. With a simple message, Found My Animal has come a long way to save lives.


Snow Leopard Trust



Providing handmade cat toys made from 100% wool, Snow Leopard Trust provides income to communities in need, while saving snow leopards too! Involving a more exotic animal than our domesticated furry friends, the Snow Leopard Trust aims to protect this endangered cat through community-based conservation projects. Impoverished communities in Central Asia herd or poach snow leopards to make money. Snow Leopard Trust encourages locals in places like Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan to make a living through their traditional wool-working skills instead. The locals create beautiful wool products and the Snow Leopard Trust purchase them.  

By selling their stylish, high-quality products, we are helping raise funds for snow leopard conservation efforts. When you shop their products, you’re directly saving this animal and providing income to poverty-stricken communities. Check out their products here.                                                                     

Even though we are local to Los Angeles, it doesn’t mean it limits our participation in helping! By teaming up with wonderful brands that give something back, together we make an even stronger impact to both animals and humans in need. Lend a paw by stopping by your local Healthy Spot to make a difference today!

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  • Hello, we have a social entrepreneurship that sells organic catnip and dognip products and a line of catnip toys. Net proceeds benefit safety net charities that help with major vet care, training, and emergency foster care to keep pets and service animals in their homes. How can we get our products considered for your stores? They are currently in over 200 retail locations including Earthbound Trading Co, some Natural Grocers, Wag N’ Wash, Chuck & Don’s, and a lot of independent stores.

    Cynthia Bullock

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