Caption These Grillz Photo Contest

Caption These Grillz Photo Contest

Feb 01, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

Have you ever taken a good look inside your pet’s mouth? Even though you provide your pet with high-quality food, routine checkups, and plenty of exercise, oral hygiene can creep up and cause serious problems if left untreated. To highlight the importance of good oral hygiene, we’re hosting a fun contest to spread awareness about how crucial dental health is for your pet’s health.




To honor Pet Dental Health Month, we’re celebrating with our Caption These Grillz Photo Contest! This contest will take place on Instagram, where we’ll be giving away a K9 Grillz teeth cleaning and dental health prize pack to get you started on your pet’s path to healthy teeth! Prize packs will include pet favorites, such as Indigenous Dental Chews, Healthy Spot Bullysticks, Yak Chews, and other teeth cleaning products! The contest will be made up of three photos featuring pets flashing their shiny grillz! To enter:

  • Follow us at
  • Write a caption in the comments for any of the three photos with pets showing their teeth

There will be four winners in total, one for each photo and a one winning a grand prize. Enter now!

If you already entered our Caption These Grillz Photo Contest, but would like to take steps to get your pet’s oral hygiene on track, we recommend visiting K9 Grillz for a non-anesthetic cleaning and checkup for your dog or cat. Dr. Thomas will provide you with a pet-friendly toothbrush to take home to begin brushing your furry friend’s teeth daily. Learn how to properly brush their teeth in this video!




A great addition to your pet’s teeth cleaning and brushing regimen is to give them chews to gnaw on. Chews such as Healthy Spot’s Bullysticks and Yak Chews can scrape away plaque, dirt, and overall reduce unwanted plaque. Combined with normal teeth brushing and bi-annual cleanings, you’ll help prevent health issues for your pet and expensive vet bills in the future. According to Animal Planet, if dental problems are left untreated, bacteria and toxins can not only harm your pet’s teeth and gums, but can potentially also affect their heart, kidneys and liver.

Interested in learning more about how to best care for your pet’s chompers? Check out this video of Dr. Thomas speaking about non-anesthetic dental cleaning along with this Q&A including recommendations you can start doing at home. Keep your pet happy, healthy, and smiling!

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