Transformation Tuesday Starring Benny!

Transformation Tuesday Starring Benny!

Apr 06, 2016Stephen Loh

This is Benny. This cute lil guy wasn’t always sitting pretty in suitcases. He was actually found roaming through the busy streets of Fontana by Leslie, a member of the Healthy Spot family. With all the nearby traffic and other imminent dangers facing him, Benny was wrangled up and taken home.

Benny was in terrible condition at this point, his hair was matted, he was dirty and he didn't smell that great, but his spirits were high! Leslie took it upon herself to give him a much needed groom. By the end of it Leslie had a bucket full of hair. 

The next day she booked Benny a spa day with a Healthy Spot Groomer and he got a proper cut to show off his adorable face. A little TLC works wonders!


Looking great, Benny was off for shots and neutering before searching for his forever home. He found it when one of our employee’s family members adopted him. Today, Benny lives in Livermore, CA where he’s a happy, healthy pup thanks to our employee having a sharp eye and big heart!

This is a picture of Benny some time later. He is now a little chubbier and he is looking much healthier! 

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