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Healthy, wholesome, proper food for pets! This recipe is for an epicurean, easy-to-digest recipe made with wild-caught, Marine Stewardship Council certified white fish and antioxidant-rich produce.  It's grain free, gluten free, and great for dogs who can't tolerate more common proteins.  All of the colorful ingredients are gently hydrated to preserve their nutrients, antioxidants and goodness for your dog.


  • Produced locally in a human-grade food processing facility in San Diego, CA
  • Made with human grade ingredients
  • Grain free, Gluten free
  • No by-products or preservatives
  • No ingredients from China
  • Great for puppies, adult dogs and adult dogs about to have puppies
  • Easy for travel. Just add water.
  • 10 lb. box makes 40 lb. of fresh food