Small Batch Raw Dog Turkey

$ 125.99

Smallbatch's premium, all-natural raw dog food is made from high-quality protein and handcrafted in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and nutrition. Packed with essential nutrients and free from artificial additives, Smallbatch raw dog food offers a delicious and wholesome meal that promotes overall health and vitality. 


  • Humane
  • No Mechanically Sourced Meat
  • 100% USA Sources Proteins


Weight: Amount Per Day:
5 lbs 2 Sliders or 0.25 patty
10 lbs 4 Sliders or 0.5 patty
15 lbs 6 Sliders or 0.75 patty
20 lbs 8 Sliders or 1 patty
40 lbs 16 Sliders or 2 patties
60 lbs 24 Sliders or 3 patties
80 lbs 32 Sliders or 4 patties
100 lbs 40 Sliders or 5 patties 

For nursing or pregnant dogs and puppies, quantities per day can be doubled. 

88% humanely raised and harvested turkey, 10% organic produce, 2% natural supplements turkey, turkey necks, turkey backs, turkey livers, turkey hearts, turkey gizzards, organic squash, organic celery, organic cauliflower, organic green beans, salmon oil, organic bok choy, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp*, organic dandelion, organic cilantro, organic bee pollen, organic wheat grass, organic bilberry, organic garlic, organic thyme, organic oregano, vitamin e supplement
$ 125.99
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