RYER Dental Silvervine Cat Sticks - 5 pk

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$ 19.99

Crafted with care and designed to delight, RYER's Dental Silvervine Cat Sticks offer a natural and effective way to promote dental hygiene in cats. The dental sticks are infused with Silvervine, a potent herb known for its appeal to cats and its dental benefits. Silvervine not only encourages chewing, which aids in plaque and tartar removal, but it also stimulates saliva production, promoting fresher breath and healthier gums.


  • 9" L x 0.58" W
  • Promotes positive play reinforcement
  • Improves mental health via play
  • Reduces plaque for fresher breath


  • Silvervine - Potent herb known for dental benefits
  • Gall Fruit - Grows in Silvervine plant. Cats love this edible fruit
  • Sisal Rope - Provides a point of friction on cat's teeth
  • Dried Raffia Grass - Cats love the "crinkle" sound 
$ 19.99
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