Ruffwear Blue Moon Front Range Harness

$ 55.99

Whether you're going for a hike or a stroll around the block, Ruffwear's Front Range Dog Harness is perfect for everyday wear. With two leash attachment options, you can redirect your pulling pup with the front polyester loop or use the back aluminum V-ring for easy walks. Foam padding lines the chest and back pieces so you can be sure that your pup will stay comfortable. Reflective trimming is also included for visibility in unfavorable conditions.


  • Padded and foam structure for comfort and long-term wear
  • Adjustable at four points for best fit
  • Two leash attachment options: one polyester webbing ring on the front and one aluminum V-ring on the back
  • Includes inner pocket for ID tags
  • Reflective trimming for visibility in the rain and dark
Size: Details:
Extra Small Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 17" - 22" (43-56 cm)
Small Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 22" - 27" (56-69 cm)
Medium Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 27" - 32" (69-81 cm)
Large/Extra Large Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 32" - 42" (81-107 cm)


Dimensions and sizing listed are based on vendor recommendations. Please measure your pet to ensure a proper fit and that your pet is secure before use.

$ 55.99
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