Ruffwear Switchbak Leash - Blue Pool

$ 54.99

Ruffwear's Switchbak Leash embodies versatility, designed to meet the evolving requirements of your dog-walking adventures. This adjustable-length leash allows you to adapt instantly to changing conditions with its double-ended design. Crafted from flexible, lightweight webbing, it ensures effortless adjustments and a pleasant grip. Ruffwear's unique sliding V-rings enable smooth transitions between different leash styles: from waist-worn to over-the-shoulder, hand-held, coupler, double-clipped, and beyond.


  • Length: 2.5-7 ft
  • Width: 3/4 in 
  • Convert between handheld, waist-worn, over the shoulder, double-clipped, and a coupler
  • Two light, strong, and lockable clips
$ 54.99
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