Rompicatz Critter Collector Rod Cat Toy

$ 14.99

Unleash the purrfect playtime with Rompicatz Classic Rods Cat Toy - the ultimate interactive entertainment for your furry friend. Watch them pounce, chase, and swat at whatever toy you attach to the end. This rod engages in cat's natural instincts, as well as provideds a great form of excersise.


  • Total rod length: 20”
  • Ergonomic Handle: 4.5”, Cap 1” 
  • Plastic hook for easy attaching/detaching clip when changing toys

 Please note: The rod does not come with an attached toy.

Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. This product should be inspected periodically for damage. Do not permit your pet to continue playing with a toy that is broken or damaged. Please discard when worn. No toy is indestructible. 

$ 14.99
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