Red Dingo

Red Dingo Pink Bucklebone Classic Dog Collar

$ 6.99

Your dog deserves a safe and eye-catching collar - Red Dingo's Classic Bucklebone Dog Collars fit that bill! Made with premium nylon webbing and featuring a wide array of eye-catching colors, this collar will bring your pup long-lasting comfort and style.


  • Bucklebone side release buckle keeps collar secure and works for easy removal
  • Solid stainless steel D-ring for ID tags and leash walks
  • Soft premium nylon webbing fabric helps prevent skin irritation and is machine washable
 Size: Details:
Small Adjustable Length: 7.9" - 12.6" (20 cm - 32 cm) Width: 0.5" (12 mm)
Medium Adjustable Length: 12.2" - 18.5" (31 cm - 47 cm) Width: 20 mm (0.8")
Large Adjustable Length: 16.1" - 25.2" (41 cm - 64 cm) Width: 1" (25 mm)


Dimensions and sizing listed are based on vendor recommendations. Please measure your pet to ensure a proper fit and that your pet is secure before use.

$ 6.99
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