Rawz 96% Chicken & Chicken Liver Pate Cat Food

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$ 2.95

RAWZ cat food offers 100% nutritionally complete meals for cats of all life stages! Meat is the first ingredients and no artificial binders or gums are used in their products. Instead of artificial binders, fenugreek seeds are used, which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and have many health benefits, such as aiding in digestive and neurological functions.


  • 100% nutritionally balanced
  • No artificial binders or gums
  • All life stages



Age: Amount:
Adult (Normal Resting Activity) Feed 1 ounce for each lb. of body weight per day
Adult (Active) Feed 1.25 ounces per lb. of body weight per day
Adult (Highly Active) Feed 1.5 ounces per lb. of body weight per day
Kitten Feed up to two and a half times the adult amount per day
Gestation & Lactation Allow Free Access to Food


$ 2.95