Puppia Red Soft Step-In Harness X

$ 12.00 $ 23.99

Looking for a minimal and comfortable style for your pup? Puppia's Soft Step-In Harness X is designed to fit pups who prefer easy looks while being comfortable and secure. The harness uses a quick release buckle and fits smoothly around the chest and back while the air-mesh material and padding gives this simple look a design that's both functional and fashionable. Other colors and shapes are available for your pal to stand out from the pack.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable neck and chest pieces with buckle for security
  • Free QR Code Smart Tag included
 Size: Details:
Small Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 11.0" - 12.2" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 10.6" - 14.2"
Medium Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 13.0" - 15.4" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 12.2" - 17.7"
Large Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 17.3" -20.9" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 15.7" - 23.2"
Extra Large Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 19.3" - 22.0" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 22.4" - 30.7"


Dimensions and sizing listed are based on vendor recommendations. Please measure your pet to ensure a proper fit and that your pet is secure before use.

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