Puppia Pink Soft Step-In Harness C

$ 24.95

Whether you're going for a stroll in the neighborhood or on a spontaneous trip to your pup's favorite store, Puppia's Soft Harness C is both comfortable and secure for all kinds of activity. Just put your friend's legs through the chest piece and clip the buckle on the back and you're all set for your day of play. Other colors and shapes are available for your pal to stand out from the pack.


  • Uses breathable 100% polyester mesh fabric
  • Adjustable backing to better fit your fur baby
  • Reflective stripes included for easy spotting
  • Lightweight harness for around-the-clock wear
  • Free QR Code Smart Tag Included
Size: Details:
Small Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 11.0" - 12.6" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 12.2" - 13.8"
Medium Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 12.6" - 14.2" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 14.2" - 15.4"
Large Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 14.2" - 16.5" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 14.2" - 15.4"
Extra Large Neck Girth (Base of Neck): 16.5" - 18.1" Chest Girth (Breast Girth): 17.7" - 19.7"


Dimensions and sizing listed are based on vendor recommendations. Please measure your pet to ensure a proper fit and that your pet is secure before use.

$ 24.95
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