MIND BODY BOWL Spiral Bullystick 5-Pack

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$ 49.95

Our favorite Mind Body Bowl Spiral Bullysticks are now available in a 5-pack!

Bully Sticks, also called chewy rolls, are the one treat that almost every dog loves!  When your dog chews on it, it releases endorphins which makes him happy.  Plus, they’ll keep your puppy busy for a while.  Healthy Spot Bully Sticks are hand-cleaned for almost zero odor. (Size and shape may vary)


    • Ultra clean
    • Made in small batches
    • Made in artisanal brick ovens to increase flavor
    • Highly palatable
    • Grass fed, free roaming bulls
    • Preservative and chemical free
    • Fully digestible
    • Helps maintain oral care and exercise when given at least twice a week


    • When it gets to a size where the dog could swallow it, take it away
    $ 49.95