Manuka Vet

Manuka Vet Skin & Wound Creme 3.53 oz

$ 36.99

Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Crème offers a completely natural solution for wound healing in dogs and cats. This topical antimicrobial cream is specifically formulated to address skin conditions and wounds with efficacy.

This creme boasts 80% Mānuka honey, complemented by lanolin and plant oils such as citronella and rosemary. Lanolin imparts water-repellent properties to the crème. Additionally, the plant oils have natural insect repellent qualities, deterring insects from coming into contact with the wound.


  • Consists of 80% Leptospermum scoparium (Mānuka tree) honey from New Zealand
  • Certified 350+ MGO
  • Contains added emollients and natural oils to help repel nuisance insects
  • Medical grade & sterile
  • Ultra-filtered
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity (non-antibiotic)
  • Effective on mud fever and other bacterial conditions, rashes, sores, burns, cuts, abrasions, scratches and wounds
80% Active Mānuka Honey, Lanolin, Rosemary Oil, Citronella Oil, Carrageenan.
$ 36.99
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