Lucy & Co.

Lucy & Co. Looking Sharp Cactus Reversible Harness

$ 18.00 $ 35.99

Lucy & Co.'s Looking Sharp Cactus Reversible Harness is the closest you'll get to a fit as sharp as your pup's teeth. Flip it inside out and you'll find a shine as bright as them, too! This harness uses durable neoprene fabric on both sides, making it water repellent and long-lasting.


  • Adjustable chest strap for the best fit
  • Water-repellant neoprene fabric - the same material often used to make wetsuits
  • Reversible and features two patterns


Size Details
Small Neck: 10-12" Chest: 14-18"
Medium Neck: 12-14" Chest: 17-23"
Large Neck: 14-16" Chest: 20-28"
Extra Large Neck: 16-18" Chest: 23-32"
$ 18.00 $ 35.99you save $ 17.99