Grandma Lucy's

Grandma Lucy's Macanna Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Food

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$ 40.99

A delightful blend of rich protein, delicious coconut, fragrant turmeric, and nutty hemp, will make even the pickiest of furry kids beg for more. Macanna's superfood ingredient base is perfect for those dogs that need a unique recipe to fit their dietary needs and food sensitivities. Created as a holistic veterinarians’ dream recipe, Macanna provides the sensitive types with digestive and inflammation support for happier tummies while being a simple way to increase your pet’s nutrient intake without them knowing (shhhhhh – they’ll never know). Your dog will thank you with extra tail wags for sure)!


  • All natural with added vitamins and minerals
  • Freeze-dried , lightweight, compact, and shelf stable
  • Minimally processed retaining cell structure without compromise
  • Made with hemp hearts, coconut, and kale
  • Easy to prepare (just add water)
  • For all life stages
$ 40.99