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With this look, your pup will be the talk of the town. Canada Pooch's Downtown Denim Rainbow Dog Vest will brighten up any passerby's day. Made with 100% cotton, this outfit is perfectly soft, comfortable and stylish.


  • Metal buttons with adjustable front closure keeps this vest secure on your pup
  • Faux-flap pockets for fashion and double-stitched seams for long-lasting wear
  • Made out of 100% cotton
Size: Details:
10 Length: 10" Chest Girth: 16"
12 Length: 12" Chest Girth: Up to 20"
14 Length: 14" Chest Girth: Up to 22.25"
16 Length: 16" Chest Girth: Up to 24.5"
18  Length: 18" Chest Girth: Up to 26"


Dimensions and sizing listed are based on vendor recommendations. Please measure your pet to ensure a proper fit.