Our Safety Standards

In the United States, the pet grooming and services industry lacks regulation and oversight. As a result, Healthy Spot was founded by pet parents inspired to elevate the industry standards for safety, care and integrity.

At Healthy Spot, we have worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive safety protocol and training program that helps ensure every dog is treated to a safe and healthful grooming session by compassionate and skilled professionals each time they step their paws into our salons. 

We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for neglect or abuse  of pets under our care. We believe pets are family and strive to create an environment that we would want for our own family members. Paramount to our values is trust. We are dedicated to leading with integrity and ensuring high-quality care. 

Below is a summary of just some of the safety protocols and practices central to our mission. We require every team member to undergo a rigorous training course to instill these principles and our values into their daily work.

Team Member Safety Training

Each team member trained at Healthy Spot completes extensive training before they are authorized to bathe or groom dogs on their own in our salons.
The Healthy Spot training program is standardized across all our salons and includes an apprenticeship. The topics covered in the training program include compassionate dog handling, pet CPR and first aid, and bathing and drying techniques. Each team member must demonstrate the ability to perform the key skillsets learned through the program’s written materials and hands-on training. Training material is regularly reassessed and updated.

Safety, procedural and technical training for all grooming team members is led by a collaborative team of nine leaders from different specialized disciplines.
The team of trainers is comprised of certified master groomers, grooming instructors, a senior operational expert and a certified dog trainer.

Salon Safety

Every Healthy Spot grooming salon is monitored to help ensure all team members follow safe handling procedures.
We regularly audit our services and operations to confirm compliance with our strict safety policies and best practices.

We have strict policies against  leaving pets unattended on tables or in baths.
Falls in the salon are a leading cause of pet injury in the United States. To avoid injuries, we require pets to be supervised at all times in our salons.

We use grooming loops and leads with pets in our salons.
Grooming loops keep your pets safely in our arms and significantly reduce injuries.

Our team is trained to complete thorough nose-to-tail Health Checks on every dog that steps into our salons.
Our Health Checks, by trained grooming professionals, include examining the dog’s skin, coat, breathing, vitals and behaviors.  We discuss health conditions and review any notes on file with the pet parents prior to each groom.

Grooming Tool Safety

We train our teams on how to keep all their tools to be in good repair. Combs, blades and nail clippers must not rust or dull nor have jagged or missing teeth.
Our policy is to clean and sanitize tools in between each use to significantly reduce the risk of injury or irritation.

We provide extensive training in the use of brushes, combs, dematters and other tools commonly used during grooming. When in the salon, team members are monitored  to help ensure  stringent safety guidelines are followed while operating any of these tools.

Kennel Safety

It is our policy that kenneled pets have access to a clean, fresh bowl of water at all times.
Without the ability to sweat, many pets are prone to overheating. Access to fresh water helps pets cool down and stay happy. To avoid spreading illnesses, every pet has their own bowl.

We never use heated kennel drying.
The use of heated kennel dryers is one of the leading causes of heatstroke and pet death in the grooming industry. From day one, we decided not to have heated kennel dryers in any of our locations.

We utilize a kennel card identification process.
No two pets are the same. We use kennel cards to communicate critical safety and identification information about each pet. 

We train our team to clean and disinfect kennels, water bowls, tables and tools after every pet we serve.
Constant cleaning helps prevent the spread of disease and parasites and creates a safe, sanitary environment for all pets.
Safely Tethering Pets

Our team is trained to use the tether seatbelt method and figure-eight harness to secure pet breeds prone to heart conditions, respiratory difficulties, and trachea collapses.
Safely tethering these breeds takes extra care and compassion. Healthy Spot team members are specially trained in the best practices for caring for animals with these conditions.

We require some pets—most often large dogs over seven years old, small dogs over 10, all dogs younger than 6 months and dogs that suffer from seizures or panic attacks—to wear a happy hoodie during force drying procedures.
These dogs are more susceptible to stress during drying procedures. The happy hoodie puts pets at ease by reducing the volume of environmental noise and, therefore, reduces the risk of health episodes.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns about our Grooming Salon, please contact help@healthyspot.com. We appreciate the opportunity to offer our best-in-class grooming services to your family.