What is MIND BODY BOWL Benefits?

MIND BODY BOWL Benefits is Healthy Spot’s loyalty program. It is free to join and you’ll earn points for each of your purchases to redeem for rewards. Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive offers and gifts throughout the year. You can sign up here (link)

Who is eligible to join MIND BODY BOWL Benefits?

All pet parents (and of course, other fur-iends and family members) who are over the age of 18 and live in the United States can join the program. Only one parent per household can have an account.

What information do I need to join MIND BODY BOWL Benefits?

We just need a few basics to get your started with our benefits program:

  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Account password

That’s it!

What does the sign-up process look like for MIND BODY BOWL Benefits?

Signing up is easy!

  1. Head to (URL) and click “Join For Free.” You can also let a team member know you want to sign up the next time you are shopping in store.
  2. You’ll provide your name, email address and password.
  3. You’ll receive an email to confirm your account. Click the link in this email to activate your account.
  4. That’s it! You can start earning points right away.

Do I need a healthyspot.com account in order to sign up for MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Rewards?

By signing up for MIND BODY BOWL Benefits, you will automatically be registered for a healthyspot.com account.

What are the terms of the 100 additional points offer?

This is one-time offer for new members when they sign up for their MIND BODY BOWL Benefits account. It is valid through November 30, 2020. New members must be registered for MIND BODY BOWL Benefits before making a purchase to receive the additional points. The 100 additional points will be posted after the first purchase as a member has been made.

How will my personal information be used?

We will never sell or misuse your information. By agreeing to accept our marketing, you will receive monthly emails about our promotions, events and great articles about how to keep your pet healthy and happy. Visit our Privacy Policy here.

Does creating a MIND BODY BOWL Benefits account opt me in to receive marketing emails?

When you create a MIND BODY BOWL Benefits account in store, you will be given the option to accept marketing emails. By opting in, you will be the first to know about our promotions and events. You can opt out of marketing emails at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in the email.

How do I earn rewards?

Your points will add up quickly every time you shop with us or complete activities on your MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Earn Points Page.

You’ll earn 5 points for every $1 spent on all in-store and online purchase. You can then use these points to redeem for the reward of your choice in the Reward catalog.

How can I view my rewards status?

It’s simple! Just head to (URL link) and your status will appear at the top of your screen on the Dashboard.

How do I redeem points for rewards?

Simply click on the reward you want in the Rewards Catalog (link). A box will pop up to confirm your point redemption for that reward and you will receive an email with the coupon code information to redeem your reward in store or online.

Can I combine rewards with other offers?

If you redeem your points for a product or service, you can combine the reward with a promotion.

Can I use my reward online or in store?

In our Rewards catalog, we have dedicated rewards for in store and online. Be sure to select the appropriate reward for where you want to redeem.

Do I have to be logged in to my healthyspot.com account to receive points for my online purchases?

Yes, you will need to be logged into your healthyspot.com account to receive points for your online purchases.

When will my points expire?

Your points will expire if you have not made a qualifying purchase within 12 months of the last recorded purchased for which you received points.

How often can I earn points for activities?

The timelines vary based on the activity. We encourage you to check back on the Earn Points page every month to see what new activities are posted.

Can I transfer points or rewards to another member?

Unfortunately points and rewards are nontransferable, so be sure to encourage your friends and family to register for their own account to get rewarded!

How many times can I redeem the same reward?

Timelines vary based on the reward. In the MIND BODY BOWL Benefits dashboard, you will be able to see when you are able to redeem that reward again.

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

There is no maximum for the number of different rewards redeemed, but there is a limit on how often you can redeem points for the same reward. Note that for purchases made on healthyspot.com, only one promo code can be used per purchase, so you cannot add multiple rewards to a single online order.

Are points awarded based on the original price or the discounted price?

Points are rewarded based on the price paid by the member, so if the member received a discount, they will be rewarded for the discounted price.

How come my number of points hasn’t updated on my account?

Most points will take up to 24 hours to post to your MIND BODY BOW Benefits account. If you still do not see your points, head to our Contact page at healthyspot.com and select “MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Inquiry” from the drop down menu or you can email help@healthyspot.com.

If I select to redeem points for a donation, is the value of those points tax deductible to me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to issue you a 501(c)(3) donation receipt since we are not a non-profit.

Do any rewards I redeemed have expiration dates?

Yes, every reward redeemed will expire 30 days from the receipt of the reward email.

Do I earn points if I purchase with a gift card?

Yes, the member that purchases the gift card will receive points; however, the recipient of the gift card will not receive points for their purchase made with the gift card.

What if I redeem a reward that my pet doesn’t like?

Head to our Contact page at healthyspot.com and select “MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Inquiry” from the drop down menu or you can email help@healthyspot.com, and share your feedback so that we can take the appropriate steps to address the product concern.

Can I get points for past purchases?

Unfortunately, we can only issue points for purchases made after a member has registered for their MIND BODY BOWL Benefits account.

What if I accidentally redeem my points for the wrong reward?

Head to our Contact page at healthyspot.com and select “MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Inquiry” from the drop down menu or you can email help@healthyspot.com.

Will I pay for shipping when I redeem a reward on healthyspot.com?

Unfortunately rewards do not cover the cost of shipping on healthyspot.com. However, if you spend $50 or more pre-tax, you will receive free US ground shipping.

What if I have a question about MIND BODY BOWL Benefits?

If you have any questions or concerns about MIND BODY BOWL Benefits program, head to our Contact page at healthyspot.com and select “MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Inquiry” from the drop down menu or you can email help@healthyspot.com.

What purchases do not qualify for points?

Sales tax, shipping fees and purchases made with a Healthy Spot gift card do not qualify for points. Also, purchases made through Instacart and DoorDash do not qualify for points in the program.

Anything we missed?

Head to our Contact page at healthyspot.com and select “MIND BODY BOWL Benefits Inquiry” from the drop down menu or you can email help@healthyspot.com.