Your Pawfect Dog Match

Your Pawfect Dog Match

Mar 15, 2019Jamie Shindler

Dogs are adorable, yes, but they come with many different personalities. Society tells us to not change for a significant other, so why change for your dog?

Dog breeds have many distinct traits because of how they were raised from our ancestors a very, very, very long time ago. Some were used for hunting, some used for herding, but all were our best companions. We’re making it easy to find your pawfect match based on your lifestyle. Check out the questions below to find out!

Are you a little indecisive about your life? Do you go through phases of being active and being a potato?

Looks like pups with a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in them are right there with you! They are a very adaptive dog. Their personality is sweet and gentle, while even tempered. They don’t get riled up as easily as others and will be your best pal when introduced to your best friends. Plus, for those times when you’re active and busy at work, you can drop them off at our Small Dog Daycare in most Healthy Spot locations and be reassured they are making new friends! We walk them, love them and take note of anything you need us to take care of. Call today to set up a behavioral evaluation!

Do you prefer a giant dog? Do you have kids? If so, do your kids love to rough-house more often than not?

A Bernese Mountain Dog is up for the battle! These pups are known for being giant teddy bears, living to please their owners. Their aloof personalities around strangers make them extremely loyal towards you and your family. Who doesn’t love attention from a dog?

At Healthy Spot, we love to spoil these gentle giants, and have the perfect food to help them grow strong and tall with only the most premium quality ingredients. ZIWI’s air-dried recipes give your dog all the nutrition you could wish for, on top of the ease of traveling with your adventurous friend. You can buy it online here!

Are you a big fan of the big city? Are you the star of every room you walk into?

A pup with some Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect dog to plop in your bag and take to the mall. These pups are total divas, expecting to be the light of your life. They are feisty and bossy, but most importantly, hypoallergenic. They also obsess over their owners, so you’ll remain in that spotlight while in the comfort of your own house. Keep your little diva pampered at our Grooming Salon, where we can indulge them with a massage treatment, a fur blowout and even a blueberry facial! Call now to set up an appointment!

Are you fun and goofy? Do you have a family or are planning to start one in the near future?

Known to be consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in America, a Golden Retriever is your new companion. There isn’t a happier dog out there to call your best friend. These pups love an active lifestyle, while staying loyal and remaining by your side the entire time. Your family will grow up with this dog, while it maintains its puppy behavior throughout their adulthood. That behavior includes the job of welcoming you at your front door every day, joining you on long walks and gnawing and chomping at a good ol’ Healthy Spot bully stick, available in store and online! These are great treats to keep your pup occupied when you need a break from the unconditional love.

Are you independent and even-tempered? Would your friends describe you as quirky and humorous?

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the pup for you. While affectionate and friendly, corgis are known to do their own thing. They’re smart and alert, plus keep to themselves. They’re also easy to train, corresponding well with your lifestyle. While training these pups that resemble a loaf of bread, you’ll want to use only the best for rewards. We recommend Healthy Spot Smoked Chicken Jerky Treats made from human grade ingredients. They’re also available online!

Are you full of energy and always up for an adventure? Do you want a pawtner-in-crime to explore with?

An Australian Shephard is the pup for you! While easy to train, these dogs never run out of energy and always maintain their cool all day long! If you notice them trying to herd anything and everything that moves, don’t be alarmed! That is their specialty… it’s in their blood. Since they’re such an active dog, you’ll want to prepare your many adventures with them accordingly. We have the perfect way for you and your pet to share your water on the go with the Ollydog Ollybottle, available in store and online!

Did these photos give you all the feels? Get more of those feels at Healthy Spot Los Feliz where we’re hosting a Dog Breath Pup-Up Gallery through April 30th! You can see more of Kaylee’s amazing photography, and get the details at this link.

Planning to take the leap and add a four-legged member to your family? We host adoptions on Sundays at select Healthy Spot locations. Check out our adoption event calendar today. Your pawfect dog could be waiting for you right now!

Or if you’re looking for a low maintenance friend, get a cat. But we’ll save that for another article.


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