The Benefits of Bone Broth for Your Pup … and You!

The Benefits of Bone Broth for Your Pup … and You!

Aug 27, 2019Jamie Shindler

Bone Broth is all the buzz these days! Not only can you find it in every grocery store and at restaurants, but we even give it to our pets! But why is bone broth getting so much buzz? We’ve been asked this question from so many customers that we wanted to share the benefits of this tasty, yet nutritious supplement. 

Plus, for all of September, you can receive a free Healthy Spot brand or Primal bone broth with a purchase of any Primal 14oz Freeze-Dried dog or cat food.


Here are 7 reasons why bone broth is a healthy addition to your pet’s bowl!

1- Joint Protection

Bone broth contains glucosamine which is a joint protecting compound. It acts as a hormone which stimulates cells to work properly and more efficiently. For certain pups who have developed joint pain, or for certain breeds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds who are known for having joint problems, this supplement could help alleviate some of the discomfort. 

2- Stomach Soother

The basic ingredients in bone broth have a healing effect which lowers inflammatory symptoms when your pet has a stomach ache. This easily digestible liquid can help build up your pet’s strength when they are hesitant with their normal, solid foods. 

3- Supplement Addition

Not only tasty, but bone broth is a beneficial supplement to help digestion through the vitamins it contains. It’s also an easy addition because it moistens your pet’s food to help with digestion.

4- Liver Protection

Your pet is constantly being attacked by environmental factors like carpet cleaners, chemicals on grass and preventative drugs. Glycine is a huge help with building and protecting your pet’s liver to be stronger and gain the ability to fight off these chemicals. Glycine is also great with helping sick dogs heal by providing the nutrients they’re lacking when they are being nursed back to health!

5- Gut Lining Plugger

A ton of factors in your pet’s life can affect their gut lining, creating holes. Things like stress, poor diets and bacterial growth can cause this, and gelatin can help! The gelatin in bone broth actually helps plug up those holes to avoid any damage the holes would have caused. Almost like an edible glue to fill the gaps!

6- Vitamin Source

Aside from the vitamins and minerals already discussed, you’ll find other useful vitamins like Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A and more in bone broth to improve your pet’s health. A pet can always use more vitamins and minerals, but bone broth can fill the void certain foods don’t fill. 

7- Free of Common Allergies

Lastly, bone broth is simple, meaning it isn’t created from common products that contribute to common allergies. There is no grain, gluten or dairy in bone broth - 3 of the most common allergies among pets!

Don't forget, for all of September you can receive a free Healthy Spot brand or Primal bone broth with a purchase of any Primal 14oz Freeze-dried dog or cat food. Find out what all the buzz is about at your local Healthy Spot!


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