SuperZoo 2017 Recap

SuperZoo 2017 Recap

Aug 02, 2017Emily Wallace

Last week, 19 Healthy Spotters took SuperZoo 2017 by storm! SuperZoo is a 3-day event located in Las Vegas, NV that welcomes pet retailers from across the country. It gives nearly 11,000 brands a space to show off their unique products. It also gives vendors the opportunity to get a sneak-peak of new and novel pet items and groomers a place to put their skills to the test!



“What’s great about SuperZoo is you have an opportunity to see what’s happening across the industry at one location,” said Director of Retail Operations Mark Puranaputra. “It’s always exciting to see our vendor partners and some of the new things they are bringing to the table or just new vendors altogether. It’s a little bit of a family reunion.”

The biggest announcements came from Champion Pet Foods and Fromm Family Pet Foods. Both brands decided to withdrawal from in response to the brand being acquired by PetSmart. Learn more about their decision here.

Healthy Spot also fared very well in the Grooming Contests. Grooming Instructor Cindy Reyes placed first in the Sporting Breeds Intermediate category and first place in the Wire Coats Intermediate category. Other awards include:

  • Sporting Breeds Entry- 3rd Place Alyson Ogimachi (Lead Groomer, Topanga)

  • All Other Purebreds Intermediate- 3rd Place Cindy Reyes (Grooming Instructor, Costa Mesa)

  • Mixed Salon Styling Entry- 3rd Place Rebecca Bradford (Grooming Instructor, Costa Mesa)

  • Wire Coats Group-  3rd Place Cindy Reyes (Grooming Instructor, Costa Mesa)



Service Operations Manager Jennifer Honda said, “We took a large team of around 12 from the grooming department which included a mix of Grooming Instructors, Groomers, and Grooming Apprentices and everyone who competed did an amazing job. It takes a lot of courage, prep, and planning to get on stage and present your grooming to the world- all our competitors, including our first timers, showcased some of their best work. We are so proud of everyone who participated!”



Overall, SuperZoo was a huge success for the Healthy Spot team and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

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