St. Patrick's Day Grooming Package

St. Patrick's Day Grooming Package

Feb 27, 2017Joseph Hotter

St. Patrick's Day Grooming Package

Every time your pup spends a day at our grooming spa, it’s their lucky day! With our St. Patrick’s Day Grooming Package, your pup will be extra pampered and leave other pups green with envy. We start with a Rub Dub Oats Scrub that exfoliates your pup’s skin and coat. This is followed by an Oatmeal Shampoo that really helps your pup’s coat shine! Then we finish off the grooming session with a soothing conditioner to keep that coat looking and feeling great! All packages come with a Healthy Spot bandana!


So take advantage of our limited St. Patrick’s Day Grooming Package and book your appointment today by calling your local Healthy Spot! This add on package is $12.

Healthy-Spot-Grooming-St. Patrick's-Package

Healthy Spot Grooming

Never tried our grooming services before? We highly recommend you give them a try! Our salons are regarded as the best in the business. We take the time to give your dog personalized attention and service that you are going to love. We classically train our groomers in our Healthy Spot apprenticeship program to ensure you will receive a consistent groom of the highest quality every time you visit our salon. Our number one priority is to provide your dog with an amazing groom in a safe and secure environment.


Our Grooming Services

We have a wide range of grooming services and if you are interested in giving us a try, ask about our Signature Spa Treatment! This services includes:

  • Bath (Full Shampoo, Conditioning, and Massage Treatment)
  • Brush and Hand Drying with Blowout
  • Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands Expression, Nail Clipping
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Moisturizing Paw Rub

Check out this Thrillist article featuring our Signature Spa Package.


Still not convinced, check out our reviews on Yelp to see how much our customers love our groomers! And don’t forget, the next time you are in our store ask about the St. Patrick’s Day grooming package!


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