Spot’s Salon’s Spring Grooming For Dogs

Spot’s Salon’s Spring Grooming For Dogs

Mar 01, 2024Healthy Spot


Springtime is here and we're looking forward to a good re-fur-esh to start the season off on the right paw! When you begin spring cleaning to get your house ready for the new season, you may notice more fur than usual. As much as we adore springtime, it is also known as shedding season. If you do notice more fur than normal, don't be alarmed; this is completely normal for pets as winter comes to an end. To help speed up the shedding process (and maintain a slightly more fur-free home), schedule a re-fur-eshing spring grooming for dogs at Spot's Grooming Salon! Not only will we provide your pup a springtime makeover to make them look and feel fabulous for the new season, but we will also ensure a safe, clean, and stress-free grooming experience. Learn more about the benefits of consistent grooming and what to expect at your pup's next grooming appointment! 


Health Benefits Of Grooming Your Pup

Regular grooming is an essential aspect of pet care that can boost your furry friend's energy levels and make them feel their best. During shedding season especially, grooming is crucial to prevent matting and keep the fur and coat healthy and ready for new hair growth. Plus, grooming can work wonders for your pup’s behavior, happiness and more, including: 

      • Improved Hygiene
      • A More Pleasant Aroma
      • Healthier Skin & Coat 
      • Pest Prevention
      • Provides A Quick Health Check
      • Fosters Confidence + So Much More!

Spot’s Salon Safety Procedures

Since we first opened our salon doors, we have always prioritized the safety of every pup in our care and have implemented best-in-class standards we practice daily. Here are a few that we use every day to make sure our salon pups are safe and comfortable:


No Dog-To-Dog Contact 

We take your dog's safety and comfort seriously, which is why we believe in separating playtime from spa time. We never allow the pups in our Salon to greet one another, share a grooming table or get close enough to another pup to be able to interact. This way, your furry friend can fully enjoy their spa day without any distractions. For pet parents who would like to speed along the process and reunite with their fur babies as quickly as possible, we also offer an Express Grooming option. This service can be added to your spa or haircut appointment for an expedited grooming experience.


Clean Environment

We have always relied on industry-leading cleaning protocols; however, after the onset of the pandemic, we have made additional upgrades to elevate the safety of our fur-iends and ensure we stay on track with the highest cleaning standards. We use the best veterinary-grade disinfecting cleaning solutions approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1, and we make sure to deep clean and disinfect all areas after use to eliminate lingering germs. To provide extra peace of mind, we've also installed air filters in all our Spot stores to minimize the potential of airborne transmission. These filters are replaced every two weeks to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Wellness Evaluation

As part of our regular check-in process for grooming services, our team members are trained to evaluate the health and wellness of pets before getting started. This includes looking for and detecting signs of respiratory distress, abnormal symptoms and any other physical changes since their last visit. If we notice anything concerning, we'll work with you to reschedule your pet's appointment to ensure they have a happy and safe grooming session. 


Clear Communication

As fellow pet lovers and caregivers, we know how important it is to keep our furry friends healthy and happy. That's why we always aim to maintain open and transparent communication with pet parents. We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing your fur baby to any Spot location if you notice any symptoms or signs of illness. Rest assured, if we notice anything during your pup's wellness evaluation that we feel warrants skipping their scheduled appointment, we will discuss it with you in a friendly and caring manner.

We are committed to keeping you informed during your salon visits by providing clear communication at all times.

Ready To Make Your Dog’s Grooming Appointment?

Your pets deserve only the best, and that's where Healthy Spot comes in. Our expert groomers know exactly how to make your pet look and feel their best, giving them the ultimate springtime (or anytime) grooming experience. We understand how essential it is to keep your pup clean and groomed for their health and comfort. Our team takes every precaution to ensure your pups grooming appointment is safe and handled with meticulous care. From unique grooming needs to providing a soothing and positive experience, we've got it all covered! You can trust us with your fur-iend's health and wellbeing. So, let's get your pet ready for the new season with Spot's spring grooming for dogs!


If it's your first time booking a Spot's Salon grooming appointment online, receive an exclusive 15% off your first online booking! Just use the code ONLINE15 at checkout. For existing clients, you can easily book your next appointment through our site or by visiting your local Spot Salon.


We wish you and your furry friend a happy and healthy spring!




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