Spot's Summer Guide: Hydration

Spot's Summer Guide: Hydration

Jun 03, 2021Candice Maniga

Summer means vacations, perfect beach weather and having endless fun with friends and family, but with hot weather, fireworks and fleas emerging, it also means making sure the seasonal changes don’t harshly affect your pet’s health and happiness. Spot’s Summer Guide will walk you through how to have a summer dogs and cats will love with tips, recipes and helpful information to consider what activities are right for your pet. Check back weekly for new updates!

Guide #1: Must-Haves For Hydration

When seasons change, we know how to adapt for ourselves: we change our wardrobe, update our daily routines and do what works best for us. It’s important to be proactive with changes for our pets before they give us signs that there’s a problem because by then, our pets are usually in distress. Keeping your cat or dog hydrated more than usual may seem tricky (your pet won’t always drink water just because you tell them to), so we’re showing you what you’ll need to sneak more moisture into their day.

  • Hydrating Toppers: Your local Spot’s freezer section is stacked with tasty tricks to keep your pet hydrated. Our MIND BODY BOWL Bone Broth comes in Turkey, Beef and Chicken recipes, delivers joint support and adds extra flavor to any pet food. While you’re there, check out Primal Goat Milk in 16oz or 32oz (also available in Cranberry Blast and Blueberry Pom for added benefits)! Goat milk is known as the “universal milk” for its versatility and health boosts for both cats and dogs. You can serve it to your pet directly, freeze it into cubes, add it to their meal or even spruce up their water with a few splashes! Check out The Honest Kitchen Goat Milk for easy travel. It comes in powdered form so you can add water and prepare it for your pet anywhere! Or add extra protein, taste and moisture to your pet’s day by treating or topping with Nulo Dog Pouches or Cat Purees!

  • Highwave AutoDogMug: This portable pet water bottle is a MUST if you plan to be on the go all summer, take a few hikes here and there or even while walking your dog on a hot day! It’s easy to clip onto your waist or leash to give your pup a sip whenever and wherever. Just twist the latch to unlock and squeeze to fill up the bowl-shaped top. When your dog is done, twist the latch to lock back into place so there are no spills as you continue your journey!

  • Messy Mutts Collapsible Bowl and Treat Maker: Clip Messy Mutts Collapsible Dog Bowl onto your pet’s leash for easy feeding on a picnic or hike, then treat your pet to bone-shaped ice treats for a cool burst of hydration! For extra fun, you can make DIY pupsicle recipes or when you’re short on time and trying to keep it simple, just freeze some water, goat’s milk or bone broth! At-home ice treats are also pawfect for teething pups because it keeps their gums cool, soothing pain from their adult teeth coming through.
  • Healthy Spot Signature Spa Hydrate Shampoo: Hydration is important for your pet’s bowl and body. With our Signature Spa Hydrate Shampoo, you’re adding extra moisture into your pet’s coat.
  • Water: If your pet’s diet consists of freeze-dried food or kibble, saturate it in water about 10 minutes prior to serving their next meal. That way, even if your cat or dog won’t drink as much water as you’d like, they’re still getting a good fill of moisture with each meal. Another way to add moisture to your pet’s meals is with wet food like Open Farm’s Gently Cooked recipes! For this switch, you can mix it with your pet’s regular food or transition them for the summer (keep in mind that transitioning to a new diet takes time)!

      Find these must-haves and more helpful foods and supplies for hydration at your local Spot today! Talk to a team member about the best way to provide hydration for your pet.

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