Spot Us Here! (Store Number 9)

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 , 104 comments

We are very excited to announce that we will be opening our ninth location in early 2017 and we are holding a fun contest to celebrate. The first 100 people to guess the location of our newest spot will be awarded with a free spa treatment at our newest location! 

We will be announcing new clues every week and announcing our newest location at the end of the month. To submit your guess, simply add it to the comments below. We will contact all spa winners once the new location is announced. 


Hint #1 

Our newest location has the same name as a funny animated television show.


Hint #2

This location is a true staple of Southern California.


Jessica on

South Park ?

Kristin on

South Park

Madeleine on

Downtown LA Hanover Grand Apartments!

Michele Garber on

Has to be South Park (DTLA) adjacent to the Staples Center and LA Live. Congrats guys! That’s a fantastic new locale!!

Enrique A Javiel on

In Downtown L.A South Park District cross streets Grand and Olympic.

Jimmy Mejia on

Downtown LA

Ford on

The South Park neighborhood in DTLA, where the Staples Center is.

Gary Rogers on

Mission Hills

Xochitl Gil on

South Park, Downtown Los Angeles

Vy on

South Park, DTLA

Brooke Hauser on

South Park in DTLA!

Tatiana on

South Park DTLA!!!

Calvin mount on

San diego

Victoria Kent on

Manhattan, Ca.

Steve Kim on

South Park

Matthew on

Newest location – South Park

Linda Redman on

I was hoping it would be in south Orange County because I may be moving there

Dana on

Downtown LA?

b baker on

location is South Park

Megan Halpin on

South Park, CA

Kaitlin Ascencio on

South Park in downtown LA!

Lily Corona on

My guess is that the new Healthy Spot is opening in Mission Hills.
Thank you,
Lily Corona

Karen Stone on

South Park

Jim DeLouise on

South Park neighborhood of San Diego

Kate on

South Park in Downtown Los Angeles :)

Richard Lubetzky on

South Park

Gary Socol on

South Park (downtown) Los Angeles

Lauren on


Gaea on

Is it south park?! My pup Mochi and I love healthy spot,btw!

Matt on

South Park

Davin on

South Park

Elline on

I think I’ve seen one coming soon in downtown LA, near staples center??!

Jacqueline Wing on

South Park!

Yoomi Kim on

Downtown LA!

Rory Phillips on

South Park – downtown LA.

Alexa C on

South Park (Downtown LA)!!

Hazel Lee on

Mission Hills

Sydney on

South Park, San Diego

Florentia on

The next HealthySpot location is in South Park, Los Angeles _

Jaclyn Marenco on

My guess is South Park in DTLA. ?

TJ Nibbio on

South Park neighborhood of DTLA.

Ava Tomassini on

South Park

Brian on

South Park, San Diego.

Jennifer Wolfe on

Costa Mesa

Andy Ramirez on

Given the clues so far I will guess: South Park, CA within San Diego.

Judy Arteaga on

Los Feliz

Lori johnson on

Circle of Orange!!!??

Andrew skinner on

San Diego, ca!

Marie quitasol on

Orange, ca

Diane on


Aimee S Hyatt on

South Park (Downtown LA)!

Erin harper on

Great news of a new location.

Your concept is great, the staff is wonderful, the place is beautiful…… HOWEVER, I think my location (Hermosa) needs far more room in the doggy daycare area. It seems awfully small for all the real estate the building has to offer.


Erin Harper

Ashleigh on

Your newest location is in South Park, DTLA @ 1000 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles.

Did I win?

Dustin Ames on

South Park in DTLA.

Kimberly Myers on

San Diego

Carol Spilman on


Leanne Murray on

San Diego

Mario on

Mission Hills

Meriel Caressa on

Downtown LA!

Crystal Choup on

San Diego

Crystal Choup on

San Diego

Tessa on

Downtown LA!!

Desiree on

Mission Hills?

Rick on

Mission Hills!

Vanessa on

Hermosa Beach

Neha Kotkar on

New 9th location – Beverly Hills

Ebony Winston on

South Park

Vanessa on

South Park, CA.

Dana on

South Park (Downtown Los Angeles)

Samantha Aguilar on

I think will be Downtown LA

Bonnie Wright on

South Park

Mike Smith on


Judy pinos on

Don’t know where it is, but please, please tell me you are going to open in Oxnard where I just moved! My dogs miss you!

Haley Merrifield on

South Park, San Diego

Erin Gripp on


Dawn Decker on

South Park in San Diego

Shelby Lopaty on

Downtown LA aka South Park (near Staples Center)

Emmy Diaz on


Kiki Luu on

Is the new location downtown LA in the South Park district near LA Live/The Staples Center?

Sabrina Kirpalani on

South Park!

Susan Levi on

South Park!

Jenifer ferris on

South Park (in San Diego)??? Good luck w the new location!

Kevin wong on

South Park, DTLA

Karla on

South Park?

Truc Tu on


Ronney on

South Park

Lauren on

Mission Hills

Kristie Russell on

South Park

Chris Daily on

South Park!

Brandon Dam on

South Park, SAN Diego

Trista schroeder on

South Park /staples center

Trista schroeder on

South Park /staples center

Aja Dang on

South Park

Aja Dang on

South Park

Michele Lyles on

South Park Downtown Los Angeles

Jesse Alfonso on

South Park area; DT LA

Emeli Cruz on

South Park (DTLA) ❤

Holly on

South Park in San Diego



Laura Borsecnik on

South Park?

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