Should I Give CBD to My Dog?

Should I Give CBD to My Dog?

Jun 29, 2018Stephanie Aguilera

As the warmer days roll in, so do the fireworks, heat and the vacations. A great remedy that pet owners like to use to treat their pet’s anxiety, nerves and even their chronic pain is CBD products. This supplement is still widely misunderstood, especially in the pet world. How does CBD work? Won’t it get my pet high? Will it put my dog’s health in danger? We’re discussing ten frequently asked questions and answers about CBD products and its benefits.

What is CBD?


CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a liquid extracted from the cannabis plant1. This plant is made up of 80 different cannabinoids and the way the plant is grown affects its chemical makeup. When cannabis crops are grown for their flowers, this means the plant will be high in THC and referred to as marijuana. When the cannabis plant is grown for their fibers and stalks, this is known as hemp2.

Both marijuana and hemp contain CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the component that makes you feel high, whereas CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive effect. Instead, it contains wonderful calming and health benefits that are backed by research and studies. CBD is now offered in multiple forms including oils, topical creams and specialty treats.

So what’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

CBD can be found in both hemp and marijuana cannabis plants, but at various levels of concentration. To qualify as a hemp product, a product must legally contain less than 0.3% THC, whereas marijuana products can have higher levels3. This means marijuana’s elevated levels of THC can cause psychotic effects when consumed by both humans and pets alike.

Will CBD get my pet high? What about other side effects?

CBD is not a psychoactive compound, meaning your pet will not experience a “high” or “buzz”. Instead, it has many medicinal results that are proven to treat anxiety, depression and even cancer in both humans and pets. MIND BODY BOWL Hemp Oil is unique because it contains absolutely no THC so there isn’t a chance of your pet getting high. Some of the other CBD products we carry may contain trace amounts of THC, but it’s such a low quantity that it isn’t possible for your pet to feel a buzz.

What are the benefits of pets using CBD products?

CBD products have wonderful benefits5 that many pet owners use daily to treat their pet’s anxiety, pain, and even to help them get a good night’s sleep. At Healthy Spot, we offer a variety of CBD products that come in the form of oil and treats. They are both great for travel, making it easier to alleviate your pet’s fear of fireworks and loud noises, whether you’re at home or visiting family and friends in an unfamiliar environment to your pet. CBD contains calming properties, but may also help with:

- Normal hip and joint mobility
- Alleviating seizures and epilepsy
- Lack of appetite
- Aggression toward another animal
- Aiding the digestive tract
- Maintaining cognitive function
- Supporting the immune system
- Sustaining blood sugar levels

      Does your pet suffer from any of the issues mentioned above?

      Can I Travel on a Plane with CBD Products?

      It depends on the CBD brand since some allow low levels of THC in their products, which the Transportation Security Administration has restrictions on. At Healthy Spot, we carry our MIND BODY BOWL Hemp oil and Green Gorilla CBD Oil, which both contain no THC at all.  This makes it safe to travel with the products we carry at our stores. Just make sure you abide by TSA’s size limitation of 3.4oz or smaller! You can also check with your local airport before traveling!

      What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

      Depending on the brand, CBD oil can taste different. Most brands, however, are described to have an earthy, nutty, and grassy flavor. This doesn’t sound too bad to us!

      How Do I Give CBD Oil to My Pet?

      To administer the oil, simply use the dropper or pump to directly drop into your pet’s mouth! Some pets like the taste so much, they will lick it right off your hand! You can also put it on a treat or rub it on your pet’s gums or behind their ears if they are finicky. 

      How Much Do I Give My Pet?

      Dosage depends on the size of your pet. 100- 300mg is best for dogs 35 pounds and under and 600mg and up is best for 35 – 75-pound dogs. If it is your first time using the product, we always suggest starting with a lower dosage. If you are using CBD for travel or an occasion, make sure to test the product prior to when you need it.

      Can My Pet Overdose on CBD Oil?

      This isn’t likely, but like many of the supplements we carry, we recommend being mindful of the quantity you are administering. Even though CBD products don’t contain any psychoactive properties that will get your pet high, it’s best to stick to the recommended dosage amount depending on your pet’s weight. If you accidentally give them an extra pump, you’ll probably see them a little drowsier, but that’s pretty much it!

      How Do I Know Which CBD Product is the Best for My Pet?


      With so many CBD products on the market, you want to make sure you’re providing the best, naturally-derived product. Below is a chart outlining the differences in each of the top products.



      MIND BODY BOWL Hemp Oil Made from plant-based ingredients in the USA, naturally formulated to calm anxiety and nerves

      Green Gorilla CBD Oil

      Made with Organic Hemp Cannabidiol Oil, Certified Organic & Non-GMO Hemp, and USDA Certified Organic Olive Oil. Contains absolutely no THC

      Pet Releaf Edibites

      Treats containing full spectrum cannabinoids

      Earth Animal Zen Pen

      Pen format makes for easy and consistent dispensing in your pets' ear. This is perfect for finicky dogs or cats!

      Holistic Hound Full Spectrum Hemp & Mushroom Soft Chews

      Utilizes water soluble technology for increased absorption. Also contains Ashwagandha extract, an herb used to promote calmness, immunity and more.

      If you have a nervous dog or a cat in chronic pain, give this natural remedy a try! With fireworks crackling throughout the night this summer, CBD is the perfect natural remedy to relieve your pet’s fear, anger, and any other emotion that causes them to stress. Watch your pet go from a grumpy ball of fur, to a calmer, energetic pup or cat with CBD, available now at your local Healthy Spot.

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      • Hello Colin,
        I apologize for the confusion. For your 10 lb dog, a dosage of 0.25ml would be the correct amount. I’ve sent you a chart to help distinguish dosage levels by weight. We will also be updating our blog to include the chart to avoid further confusion.

        Candice from Healthy Spot
      • This dosage description on the bottle is infuriatingly incomprehensible. My dog weighs 10 lbs. It says on bottle to start by using 2 mg per 10lbs. But the dropper has the dosage in ML. How am I supposed to know what 2 msg looks like on dropper? I’m not a mathematician.

        Please advise.

        Colin Campbell
      • CBD can be derived from the cannabis plant that’s why it is safe for our pet. There is no substance that can harm them from using it upon reading this It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. And as a pet owner, I already tried it on my snowie. When he has a Lyme disease it is dangerous for my cat it is a tick-borne illness that is transmitted through deer ticks. And I used CBD as a medicine for him and it works.that’s why its safe.

        Margaux Espinosa

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