September Oats For Coats Grooming Package

September Oats For Coats Grooming Package

Aug 31, 2017Joseph Hotter

Give your pup a luxurious spa treatment with our Oats for Coats Grooming Package. For centuries, oats have been used as a hygienic remedy to treat everything from dry, itchy skin to psoriasis and eczema. Now your pup can enjoy the benefits of oats with our Rub Dub Oats Scrub that’ll help with skin problems, including dry skin, hives and hot spots. It also helps exfoliate and restore the pH balance of your pet’s skin. The pH of a dog’s skin is 7.5 where as human skin is about 5.5 which makes a dog’s skin closer to neutral pH. Most shampoos are too acidic for a dog’s skin and coat and having oats infused helps keep pH levels balanced. The oatmeal shampoo will leave your pup’s coat looking and feeling great! 

Treat Your Dog's Skin



Treating your dog with oats is a hypoallergenic way to treat and prevent skin irritation. Oats act as an excellent moisturizer for pets and are very gentle on their skin and coat. Oats contain polysaccharides, which leave a protective film on skin, preventing dryness and itching

Quality You Can Trust



This add-on package comes with a teeth brushing for clean teeth and a burst of fresh breath. Your pup will also enjoy a nail grinding to make sure your pup looks and feels great from ears-to-paws. 

The Perfect Grooming Experience, Guaranteed



Let your pup experience the perfect Healthy Spot Spa Treatment. Add our Oats For Coats Grooming Package to any of our Signature Spa Treatments for just $22 all month long. To schedule a grooming appointment, call your local Healthy Spot today!

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