Save The Earth With Reusable Bottles and Bags

Save The Earth With Reusable Bottles and Bags

Mar 30, 2017Nick Batcheller

Did you know that billions of plastic bottles and bags end up in landfills every year? Or that the oceans will have more plastic than fish by the year 2050? April 16th is Earth Day and we are celebrating all month long. We are doing our part to raise awareness and give our fans the tools and information they need to do their part. Helping the environment can be as easy as ditching your plastic water bottles and bags and using reusable versions instead. 




You've read about, heard about and seen it's devastating effects; plastic is one of the worst things to happen to the environment since the industrial revolution. There are a lot of things that make plastic terrible for the environment and we have made this easy to read and share infographic for you!

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If you didn't know it already, we want you to know, plastic is terrible for the environment. It's bad for the air, the oceans and your health. Making plastic requires a tremendous amount of energy and by simply changing a couple of habits, you can make a big impact! Here are some key things we want to highlight. 

1. 38 Billion Water Bottles Are Wasted Every Year! 
2. 17 Billion Barrels Of Oil Are Used To Meet American Water Bottle Demand 
3. Making Plastic Water Bottles Produces Millions Of Tons CO2 and Contributes to Climate Change
4. Plastic Water Bottles Take Over 1,000 Years To Break Down 
5. Americans Threw Away 100 Billion Plastic Grocery Bags in 2004
6. At The Current Rate Of Pollution The Oceans Will have More Plastic Than Fish By The Year 2050
7. The Amount Of Energy Needed To Produce One Plastic Bag Would Drive A Car About 115 Meters

For Earth Day and Month we are making it easy to make the switch reusable bottles and bags. Save 10% on Healthy Spot reusable bottles and receive a free tote bag with any $60 purchase. Plus, come in on Earth Day (4/22) and receive 10% off anything you can fit in your reusable bag! See all our April 2017 in-store promotions here. 

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