Pool Day With Your Pup!

Pool Day With Your Pup!

Jul 05, 2022Yasmin Amirani

Summer is here and residents of California are no strangers to scorching triple-digit temperatures. With the weather heating up, pool days have never sounded better! A dip in the pool with your pup can be the best way to cool off and beat the heat this summer. However, it's vital for every responsible pet owner to know the proper safety protocols that come with all the poolside hangs you're planning with your pup. In this article, we will highlight important things to keep in mind this summer to ensure a happy, healthy and safe summer!

Pool Day with your pup!

An effective way to help keep your pup from overheating is investing in wearable cooling gear. The comfortable and efficient cooling effect of these products ensures your pooch is maintaining a healthy body temperature during a hot day. Cooling mats, like this Canada Pooch Cooling Mat, are designed to help lower your dog's body temperature. By simply adding water, it initiates an evaporation cooling effect your pup will thank you for! If you have an active pup that won't be doing much lounging around, a cooling vest is another great option. Cooling vests, such as this Chill Seeker Vest, are great for on-the-go cooling after rinsing it with water. If your pup doesn't do well with wearing garments, cooling bandanas can help keep them cool without any added discomfort.


Your pup's skin and coat should be a top priority when participating in a pool day. The combination of chlorine and heat can have a drying effect on your pup and can cause discomfort. After you apply your sunscreen, try using our exclusive Enhance Conditioning Spray on your pet to keep their fur soft and nourished without weighing it down. Plus, it's enhanced with Argan and Moringa Oils that help protect them from sun damage. To prevent any additional irritations from chlorine and other chemicals used in your pool, don't forget to hose your pup off with fresh water to rinse away any residue after your pool day. Try using our Grooming Wipes that are made with an ultra-gentle formula to help clean up the additional dirt after their rinse. To optimize your pup's skin and coat health, book a spa day at your local Spot to prevent any potential skin conditions from developing such as itchiness, clogged pores and dry or oily skin.

Book your Healthy Spot spa appointment!

Of course, no pool pawty is complete without treats to snack on! Preparing frozen goodies for your pup before your pool day can help keep them stay cool, quenched and satisfied. Pupsicles are a fun and easy treat to keep in mind this summer and only require a treat tray and bone broth. Try making it fun by adding your pet's favorite treats such as pet-friendly fruits or vegetables, jerky treats or even tasty toppers to make it healthy and nutritious! Head to our Instagram for some tasty ideas, like this Open Farm Bone Broth treat or these tail-waggin' Frozen Bully Butter Bites!

Preparing your pup has never been easier! With just a few things to keep in mind, your days around the pool are sure to be some of the best days this summer. Swing by your local Spot to speak to a team member about all the new items we have to make your summer one to remember! Surprise your pet with toys that'll keep them entertained, like this Buddy Mary toy to give them that extra summer vibe. Check out our Summer Collection  for more fun options and all the essentials you'll need to have the best summer ever! Make sure your pup is drinking lots of water during your days outdoors, keep a close eye on them anytime they're near the water and have a safe and fun season!

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