Pet-Friendly Summer Stops Near Healthy Spot

Pet-Friendly Summer Stops Near Healthy Spot

Jul 06, 2021Candice Maniga

Looking for local businesses to support during summer adventures with your dog? Our stores happen to be in neighborhoods filled with amazing dog-friendly businesses that are small, BIPOC-owned and/or doing incredible charity work, so we checked out a few! Whether you're part of our community in the Bay or along the coast, we've got you covered with pawfect stops to check out when you visit our Manhattan Beach, Rockridge and Santa Monica Spots!

Manhattan Beach

Down in the South Bay and up the street from our Manhattan Beach Spot, you’ll find Two Guns Espresso, a cool little coffee shop with New Zealand roots. Stop by our store for a MIND BODY BOWL Bully Stick or a frozen treat by Swell Gelato or The Bear and the Rat (all dog treats that can take some time to enjoy), then take a 5-minute stroll north with your pup to arrive at the destination of your caffeinated dreams! While your dog enjoys the delicacy you chose, you can soak in the sun on the patio with your choice of drink and freshly-baked pastry. With options from across the globe, including Brooklyn and Norway, you’ll have a worldly experience without having to jump through hoops to accommodate having your pup alongside you.


The word “collective” is defined as a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective. You’ll find the members and patrons of Alchemy Collective meet each of those qualifications. This Oakland stop is more than just your average coffee shop. It’s Black, Queer and Trans worker-owned, giving their talented baristas true ownership over their craft. Along with supporting this dog-friendly, worker-owned cooperative when you visit, you’re joining a decade’s worth of history and a community bonded by their love of coffee, art and music. For dogs that enjoy a longer walk, stop by our Rockridge Spot to pick up rewards they can relax with like a MIND BODY BOWL Yak Chew or rope toy to chew before you walk a mile down Alcatraz Ave and arrive at Alchemy Collective for a cup of single-origin coffee.

Santa Monica

This AAPI-owned small business is full of dog lovers and what may be the most delicious doughnuts in the world! While our dogs love the smells and socializing at Sidecar, save these artisan treats for yourself and treat your pup to a sweet Bosco & Roxy cookie from our store, just a 10-minute walk up Wilshire Boulevard. Having a #SidecarSunday is a perfect way to spend a free day. Plus, you can do good on your next doughnut run! Their SideCares program partners with local organizations to give back to communities around their locations, and with their Doughnuts for Heroes initiative, you can buy a doughnut that Sidecar will deliver to local heroes like healthcare workers, firemen or teachers within your community.

Comment below with one of your favorite spots in your neighborhood so we can visit them next! We're building up our Instagram Guide to include local businesses in all of our communities that we know you’ll love!

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