Our Favorite Pet Dental Health Products

Our Favorite Pet Dental Health Products

Jan 31, 2017Stephen Loh
With February being Pet Dental Health Month we wanted to share some of our favorite oral care products. Picking the right oral care options for your pet can be intimidating at first so we’ve asked one of our Senior Training Managers, Uriel Chavez, to highlight some of his favorites to help.  Here is his list.



Since 2003, Petzlife has been making a comprehensive line of oral care products that use only 100% natural ingredients and are made in the U.S.A. Three Petzlife products that Uriel wanted to share with you are the gels, toothbrushes and finger brushes. Heres what Uriel has to say about them:

Petzlife Gel

“The Petzlife gel is super easy to use. The reason is you really don’t have to brush. You can put it on your dog’s lips and the dog licks it in and it starts to work within 30 minutes.”

How often to use Petzlife Gel
“It depends. If your dog already has tartar, you want to use it twice a day every day for about two weeks to a month.  If you are using it for maintenance, you can do it two to three time a week.”
PetzLife Finger Brush

“That’s just additional maintenance in terms of keeping the dog’s teeth clean. Brushing after using the gel will actually help because over time, the gel starts to soften the tartar and buildup so as you’re brushing, it will start to brush it off which is pretty cool!”
Watch our video demonstrating how to use the Petzlife finger brush here [insert link]


Indigenous Dental Health Bones With PlaqueOff

Using their experience in human nutritional sciences, Indigenous has created a line of dental health bones that incorporates PlaqueOff’s 100% natural dental care powder.
On Indigenous bones:
“Indigenous bones are good because they use a supplement on them that’s kelp-based. This kelp-based supplement over time as the dog gnaws into the chew, it softens the tartar and [the tartar] just falls off. The supplement these bones use is PlaqueOff.
“If you don’t want to use additional treats, they can just use this supplement along with their food and it does everything without using the treat. It is a powder supplement that you can just mix into your dog’s food.”
How often you should give Indigenous Treats:
“It varies depending on the weight of your dog. For a 15-pound dog, you can give one every other day.”


Primal Frozen Raw Bones

Raw bones can greatly benefit your pet’s dental health by scraping away build-up as your pet chews away at the bone, something that kibble, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t do. Chewing on bones is how wild dogs have kept their teeth clean since, well, always.

Here’s Uriel to clear the air on the benefits of raw bones and the misconception of kibble’s relationship with dental health:

Raw Bones

“This is basically your natural way of cleaning and maintaining your dog’s teeth. As the dog gnaws on the bone, they scrape their teeth and they clean their teeth on their own.”


People always think that kibble scrapes and cleans their dog’s teeth. Is this true?

“This is a myth. The reason is because most dry food has a lot of carbs. Those carbs get soft and mushy and stick to their teeth. That is what eventually builds up to tartar. When you feed a raw diet, there’s no carbs so there’s nothing to really stick to their teeth.”

You can find all these products available at Healthy Spot stores! Keep your pet’s teeth looking, smelling, and feeling great during Pet Dental Health Month!


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