Ziwi Peak’s Quality Food With a New Look

Ziwi Peak’s Quality Food With a New Look

Feb 17, 2017Nick Batcheller

We stake our reputation on the quality of the food carried at Healthy Spot, and ZiwiPeak is no exception. ZiwiPeak has always adhered to the highest standards of quality and continues to push the envelope of nutritional innovation. However, if you’ve been feeding ZiwiPeak for some time now, you’ve most likely noticed a couple of changes. From its new look to its formulas, ZiwiPeak took it an extra step forward to further improve all their recipes and new formulas! 


Same Quality 

Even though the packaging is changing, you can still count on ZiwiPeak to stick to its roots of sourcing all their ingredients from New Zealand, which is renowned for it’s free range grass fed farming and nutritionally rich fish. You can also count on them to continue to exclude grains, wheat, rice, GMO, hormones or antibiotics from all of their products! And they will continue using their proprietary methods of air drying, ensuring their food retains many of the nutrients that can be lost through traditional food processing.

Air Dried Formulas 

With this new look also comes improvements we can all be excited about! Air Dried Formulas are now 98% meat, muscles, bone and organs. All artificial vitamin packs have been removed and all vitamins found in their formulas are now naturally occurring. Plus, there are new formulas: Mackerel & Lamb and Tripe & Lamb air dried recipes!


The mackerel used in these new recipes are wild caught New Zealand Blue Mackerel, which are high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The tripe & lamb recipe is a great option for picky eaters or dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Improved Recipes 

Another thing to be excited about is the changes to the can recipes. Cat can recipes are now 93% meat and dog can recipe are 92% meat! Plus agar agar and TSPP have been removed and replaced with chick peas as the binding agent!
All changes to these recipes are positive, but they are not significant enough to require a transition plan. You can start feeding your cats and dogs these new recipes immediately! Stop by your local Healthy Spot today! 

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