Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In 2019

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In 2019

Jan 01, 2019Stephanie Aguilera

Kickstart the new year with fun things to do with your dog! Whether you live in LA or the Bay Area, we're highlighting dog-friendly spots in each area to keep you and your pup active all year long!

Dog-Friendly Spots in LA


Lake Hollywood Park  

Lake Hollywood Park Unofficially a dog park to the locals, your pup will have a blast here! This park offers plenty of space for dogs of all shapes and sizes to run around without bumping into one another, making this a great place to play tag or fetch with them. Not only does this park provide plenty of running space, but this is also one of the best spots to see the Hollywood sign! Before beginning your adventure or playing fetch, snap a selfie with your pet with the sign in the back since it is so close and visible from this area. You both will love it here!

Kickoff Play Dates 

If you’re looking to stay cozy while your pup gets to romp and play, join us at our Kickoff Play Dates! We’re getting into the football spirit this season by wearing our favorite jerseys and participating in a fun team spirit parade, games and 2 hours of off-leash playtime in a safe and secure environment. We’ll also have refreshments and snacks to keep you and your pup energized throughout the evening. You can RSVP for this event HERE.

Bronson Cave

If you’re an LA native and have never visited Bronson Cave, today is the day! It is a man-made tunnel that is a favorite filming location in Hollywood. It’s known as the entrance to Batman’s Batcave in the Batman TV series in the 1960s and continues to make an appearance in current TV shows and movies. To get to Bronson Cave, you’ll have to hike a little more than half a mile and it starts at the end of Canyon Drive where you’ll follow Bronson Caves Access Road. Once there, explore the cave, but make sure your dog stays on-leash. To the bat cave!

Eaton Canyon Falls

If you’re interested in seeing a waterfall, this 3-4-mile roundtrip hike is for you! During your hike to this 40-foot waterfall, you’ll come across several stream crossings and moderate trails that are great for an adventurer. Once you get to the waterfall, you’re able to get into the waist-deep water and might even see people already there in their bathing suits on warmer days! Get out of the city for a while without actually leaving!

Dog-Friendly Spots in SF


Golden Gate Park

Larger than Central Park in New York City, you and your pet will get plenty of exercise here! This gorgeous park includes plenty to do and see, such as open groves, lakes, grassy meadows, museums and even gardens. It also has 3 designated off-leash play areas where your pet can run free before or after your walk. This is a great way to get your exercise with your pet and socializing them at the same time!

Crissy Field

If you prefer the beach, Crissy Field is perfect for you and your dog! Crissy Field is along the shoreline and offers trails, picnic tables and tidal overlooks along the beach. If your pet is used to being off-leash, this is a perfect place to let them play in the sand and even let them take a swim. We recommend grabbing lunch to go for both you and your pet and enjoy each other’s company in this city’s beautiful landmark!

Baker Beach

Located one mile south of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll catch a great view from here! Unwind after a long day from work or stop by Saturday morning for a long walk and spectacular views of the ocean and bridge. Pups are permitted off-leash in certain areas, allowing you and your furry BFF to romp and play too! This is also a great place to hang out with friends and be able to bring your pets along for the fun since it has plenty of sunshine and gorgeous sights and space to run, play or even nap!

Mount Sutro Open Reserve Space

If you want to escape the city but still stay close to your San Francisco home, you’ll love Mount Sutro! Mount Sutro is a mountain surrounded by 80 acres of forest. The trees in this forest are so tall that you’ll forget you are anywhere near the city! Dogs are welcomed to accompany you only if they are to remain on-leash since it can get quite foggy in the area and can become a safety issue if they don’t stay close. Experience the beauty of Mount Sutro with your pet!

Lyon Street Steps

If cardio with a view is what you’re searching for, look no further! Lyon Street steps offers gorgeous views in a relaxing environment since this is a place you’ll find more locals than tourists. Here you’ll see the Palace of Fine Arts Dome, the Presidio forest, the Pacific Heights mansions and the gorgeous oceans of the San Francisco Bay. This is a great spot to find inspiration and motivation while staying healthy and happy with your furry sidekick!

These two wonderful cities have tons of fun things to do with your dog! Skip your daily routine and have fun with your pet by your side. What activity will you be trying? Let us know in the comments below!

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