Introducing The Honest Kitchen's Clusters!

Introducing The Honest Kitchen's Clusters!

Jul 30, 2019Andrew Kim
Healthy Spot is excited to announce that we now offer The Honest Kitchen’s newest creation —  Whole Food Clusters — in all three recipes: chicken, turkey and beef! These delicious little morsels are packed with all the right nutrients to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy. Crafted in The Honest Kitchen’s own human food kitchen, Clusters is too good to be called kibble.

Where It All Started

Back in 2002, Honest Kitchen Founder and Chief Integrity Officer, Luci Postins, sought out to treat her dog’s frequent health issues through diet. At that time, there weren’t any whole food options on the market, so Luci set out to make her own food “using 100% human-grade, dehydrated ingredients.” Once she saw her pup’s conditions improve, she knew that other pets could benefit from her creation.

Behold the Clusters

Inside each scrumptious little cluster is a mixture of natural, clean ingredients that supports your dog’s skin health, coat quality, digestion, and more. Clusters contains single-source proteins, antioxidant-rich vegetables, beneficial fats like salmon oil, natural fiber from fruits and live probiotics. The Honest Kitchen never uses meals, by-products, grains, fillers, GMO ingredients or artificial flavors in their recipes- and that’s their honest truth.

What Sets The Honest Kitchen Apart from the Rest

What distinguishes Clusters from traditional kibble is its human-grade formulation. Each package of Clusters is made of fresh meats and produced in small batches- nothing that you wouldn’t eat yourself. To retain their maximum nutrient-dense state, the Clusters are then cold pressed, slow roasted and gently dehydrated. Clusters meets the same strict standards as food for people, and is made in a human-food facility— ensuring their high quality.

Quick, Easy, Simple, Healthy

Offered in 5 lb and 20 lb sizes*, Whole Foods Clusters is an easy-to-serve raw formulation that doesn’t sacrifice it’s quality. In a world where over 1,000 commercial pet food brands mass-produce, meet basic standards, and incorporate fillers- The Honest Kitchen successfully aims to provide nutritious, safe, all-natural pet food that don’t require any extensive prepwork. You can purchase Clusters on our online store by clicking here, or click here to shop at your closest Healthy Spot!

*Also offered in 1 lb packages for only $1.99 per bag for a limited time only in all of our locations! Stop by your local Healthy Spot to talk to one of our employees about The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Foods Clusters.

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  • Do you have Honest Kitchen clusters in fish? Thank you!!

    Zivia Arensman
  • Since you guys didn’t have this in stock and needed to really transition my rescue dog asap from the garbage they were feeding him, I got the Stella & Chewys chicken kibble instead, is this pretty much similar to this one? I just read some multiple blogs about how non-nutritious (calorie wise and ingredient wise) the raw freeze dried kibble is, how they can end up with pancreatitis due to it, and that it can cause more harm due to it being raw? Any thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated. Also, do you know what can help with my dogs boredom? He seems to get bored a lot and there are so many bully sticks I can give him. Thanks again.


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