Introducing Spot's Circle

Introducing Spot's Circle

Apr 08, 2021Yasmin Amirani

Allow us to introduce Spot’s Circle, the accumulation of our various efforts to give back to the California communities that have welcomed us with open hearts. We believe in supporting our community, and this value has been part of our core since Healthy Spot’s inception in 2008. With your support and the collaboration of wonderful local organizations, we’ve turned this goal into a constant commitment to make a difference in the lives of both pets and people with Spot’s Circle.

Through efforts like our Round-Up program, fundraising events and donation drives, we’ve given thousands to help support pets in need, whether homeless, rehabilitating or a member of a loving family in a less fortunate situation. We’ve also helped people by donating in-kind goods and services to non-profits' fundraising events, and teaming up with organizations like LA LGBT Center, The People Concern and Black Girls CODE. Additionally, our Rescue Spot Program gives a helping hand to pawrents of newly-adopted rescues as a thank you for welcoming them into your home.

How can you help give back through our Spot’s Circle program?

  • Round-Up Relief: When making a purchase at your local Spot, you have the option to round up your total to the nearest dollar. The difference will be donated to our Round-Up Partner. While our Round-Up partners change monthly, what they all have in common is that they’re a local organization working to help pets in need, people in need or both! Together, your small change makes a big difference.
  • Pet Supply Donations: We’ve teamed up with Operation Blankets of LOVE to collect various pet supplies and essentials for local rescues at select Healthy Spot locations. Learn more about where and what to donate here.
  • Rescue Spot Program: We’re constantly working with local rescues to assist rescued dogs and cats in finding their furever homes. To help inspire more adoptions and smooth the transition as a pet family, we’ve created a Rescue Spot Welcome Pack for adopters as their new fur baby settles in. Get yours here.

Learn more about our Rescue Spot Program partners!

  • Berkeley Humane Society: Berkeley Humane’s history of providing rescued animals with the hospitable conditions they deserve goes back as far as the early 1900s. Over 100 years later, their volunteers continue to give rescued dogs and cats the care and shelter they need until they have found their furever.
  • Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles (DRLA): Dachshunds are among the top 5 dogs most likely to be found in American animal shelters, so DRLA is committed to getting them into their furever homes and reducing the number of Doxies euthanized due to overcrowding at animal facilities.
  • Delaney’s Dog Rescue: Delaney’s Dog is a volunteer-run organization working to rescue and rehome dogs from local shelters and the streets of Southern California. No matter a dog’s age, breed or ease of placement, Delaney’s Dog is here to help unite you with your rescue match.
  • Family Dog Rescue: Family Dog has spent the last decade rescuing and rehoming thousands of dogs, and continues to help dogs in the Bay Area find loving families.
  • Forte Animal Rescue: This organization is working to resolve the issues of pet overpopulation by rescuing homeless animals and educating Los Angeles on how to form bonds with and save pets in need.
  • L.A. Love & Leashes: Located at Westfield Century City, L.A. Love & Leashes takes dogs and cats who are housed at one of Los Angeles’s six-city shelters out for the day. The animals have a chance to meet more faces and spend time in a relaxing environment, leading to a higher chance of adoption.
  • Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue: Inspired by a loving pitbull rescued from a high-kill shelter, the volunteers of Marley’s Pit Stop are committed to saving the lives of dogs in similar situations, whether they're a bully breed or not.
  • Muttville: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue is a first-in-the-nation cage-free facility dedicated to giving senior dogs a second chance. With the belief that no dog should have to spend their last days in a shelter, they take in and care for dogs as they help find them the most loving and perfect home.
  • Road Dogs: Road Dogs & Rescue is a non-profit organization with a mission to rescue and rehabilitate bulldogs. Because they are the most likely to be euthanized, their primary focus is on complicated medical dogs, seniors and special needs puppies. They stand firm in their belief to spread the message of love and compassion towards all animals.
  • Rocket Dog Rescue: Rocket Dog Rescue is a volunteer-based organization saving dogs from becoming casualties of overcrowded shelters and abandoned lives. Through temporary fostering, Rocket Dog provides necessary socialization and medical attention to increase the chances of adoption for these loving pups.
  • Southern California Pomeranian Rescue: Due to the large number of Pomeranians given up, abandoned or put to sleep in overpopulated shelters, this rescue’s mission is to keep Pomeranians in loving homes no matter if they were found on the street, no longer a match for their current family or surrendered by someone unable to continue their care.
  • The Rescue Train: This Los Angeles organization is coming up on 20 years of gaining the rights of animals in need and finding them a family to provide the care they deserve. They also host Race For The Rescues, an annual fundraiser for non-profit animal welfare organizations and mobile adoption events for the Southern California community.
  • Wags & Walks: For the past 10 years, the Wags & Walks team has worked to revise what people think of dogs when they hear the word “rescue.” Through temperament evaluations and awesome care and training, they help rescued dogs find the right home for their individual needs and character.

  • We cannot wait to meet all the new fur-iends and families through our Rescue Spot Program, and we’re thrilled to expand our philanthropic work with organizations working to make a difference within our California communities.

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