Howliday Gift Guide: Festive Feline

Howliday Gift Guide: Festive Feline

Nov 18, 2021Candice Maniga

The Festive Feline

For the cat that captured your heart, select from holiday cat toys, a MIND BODY BOWL feline favorite treat and catnip-infused toys to keep them calm around all the hustle and bustle December brings or save while you spend with our Kitty Delights Gift Set.

  1. Snif-Snax Cat Treats Advent Calendar: Treat your cat to 25 tasty days full of snacks this season featuring salmon and seaweed recipes to infuse omega supplements into their December!
  2. MIND BODY BOWL Freeze-Dried Treats: These bite-sized treats are gently freeze-dried to retain healthy nutrients and digestive enzymes, plus they’re each made from a single protein so it’s no surprise they’re one of our bestsellers for cats!
  3. Nulo Purees: Low in kcals and high in moisture content, these snacks also contain prebiotic fibers to help your cat’s gut on top of being easy to serve directly from the packet or topping off a meal.
  4. Pawprints Ornament: Commemorate the holiday season with your cat by decorating this easy, mess-free keepsake!
  5. H&K Frame Holiday Stocking: Include your fur baby in the seasonal decor and they will be fe-line the love when you fill a stocking full of food favorites and small cat toys.
  6. P.L.A.Y. Kitty Delights: These vibrant, cute toys double as decor for the howlidays, plus they contain built-in refillable pouches stuffed with USDA Organic Catnip from Mountain Rose Herbs grown in Washington. You also have the option to save on this toy and get treats with it by picking up our Kitty Delights Gift Set!
  7. Hyper Pet Boredom Busters Engage Treat Mat: if your feline gets fussy around all the festive changes this season, soothe their cat anxieties with Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mats™! You can spread soft, wet treats and food for your cat to calmly lick or splash Feline Natural's Milk For Cats onto the mat and freeze for a longer-lasting, refreshing treat full of supplements!
  8. P.L.A.Y. Meowy Christmas Ginger Snap: This catnip-filled pairing by P.L.A.Y. comes with a gingerbread man that will make a crinkling sound and a rattle inside the tree to keep the fun rolling for your feline!
  9. Bae The Hemp Body Pillow: This purr-fect pick is infused with organically-grown catnip that your cat will love kicking, playing, rolling and snuggling with!
  10. Mad Cat Meownicorn Catnip Toy: This fun, vibrant 2-pack will keep your cat entertained with the felt and feather additions, plus they contain Silverline for cats that aren’t normally affected or soothed by catnip (click here to learn more about Silverline from Mad Cat)!
  11. Messy Cats Stainless Steel Box Set Cat Bowls: Messy Cats is making it easier than ever to prep your cat's food and keep it neatly stashed in your fridge during your busiest days! Raw meals will stay fresh ahead of meal time, and you can even use these to prep dehydrated foods and allow supplements to soak into your cat's next meal too. For leftover canned foods, add a Messy Mutts Can Cover to maintain freshness until it's time to prep another meal!
  12. MIND BODY BOWL Super Sprinkles Freeze-Dried Beef Mealtime Supplement: gift your cat with health boosts this howliday season when you add our newest recipe, MIND BODY BOWL Super Sprinkles, to their meal! This supplement functions as a multivitamin, aiding in digestion, as well as hip, joint and cardiovascular support all while tasting like a treat, so you and your cat will love the benefits of every serving!
  13. P.L.A.Y. Snuggle Husky Gray Dog and Cat Bed: Get the snuggliest spot for your fur baby to take their next cat nap! This cozy pet bed provides the ultimate comfort, plus its versatile to suit your home and your pet’s sleeping needs.

Want more inspiration for a stocking stuffer?
Check out our Howliday Collection for more great pet gifts!

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