Fur Moms of Healthy Spot

Fur Moms of Healthy Spot

Apr 27, 2017Emily Wallace
This Mother’s Day, Healthy Spot is celebrating all the fur moms out there! We are highlighting some special fur moms from all across our company and asking them fun questions about their relationship with their pets.

Meghan Horn (Daycare Manager, Marina del Rey)

Dog: Amber

How did you meet your dog?          
“My family and I were looking for a new puppy to join the family, and as soon as I saw her big brown puppy eyes I knew she was the pup for me!”
Why is being a dog mom the best thing ever?
The best thing about being a dog mom is getting to make sure that my pup is always happy and healthy!



Destiny Schanfarber (Salon Area Manager)

Dog: Major

What is the most motherly thing you've done for your dog?
“We’ve shared a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, Lady & the Tramp style!”
 If you had to pick two foods that describe you and your dog together, what would they be?
“Spaghetti and meatballs!”



Courtney Baker (Experience Area Manager, Manhattan Beach & West Hollywood)

Dogs: Duchess and Ladybug

If you and your pups could go on a week-long vacation together, where would you go?
“We would go to my parents’ farm and let them chase the ducks around!”
Tell us a way your pups act like human children.
“Duch and Bug always jump into my bed with me when it is storming outside!”



Dallas Dunn (Purchasing and Merchandising Coordinator, Headquarters)

Cats: Mama, Lap Kitty, Vicious, Shawnee

Dog: Bama

 What are you and your pets' favorite thing to do together?
“My favorite thing to do with my animals is snuggle and based on how much they like to lay on top of me whenever I sit down, I think they'd agree.”
 What is your funniest memory with one of your pets?
“My cat Shawnee was with me in the car because she recently had surgery. On the way to work she peed in her carrier which leaked onto my seat so I pulled over to a car wash. While pulling her out of her carrier, a car wash employee snuck up from behind, opened the back door and started the vacuum which TERRIFIED my kitty. She flailed around and managed to fish hook her claw through my lip and out my chin at which point we both froze. I got out of the car, holding the paw attached to the claw sticking through my face, and stood up. An employee walking towards me with his head down started to ask what kind of wash I was interested in. He looked up and saw my wide eyes and my cats claw through my face and then he froze... I guess this story doesn't sound funny but in the end everyone was ok and when I think about the look on that man’s face, it's pretty hilarious.”



Maddy Mead (Retail Lead, Costa Mesa)

Dog: Arlo

Cat: Dallas

When did you know your pup was right for you?
“I had been told about an abandoned pup at a local vet's office, and once I met her I had to bring her home with me.”
What is the one thing on you and your dog's bucket list?
“I'd love to take her to Big Sur!”



Rhonda Haug (Experience Area Manager, Studio City and Topanga)

Dog:  Zoey

Cat: Homie

If you and your pup could go on a week-long vacation together, where would you go?
“Well let's see. If I could take my pup on a week-long vacation together and she could go everywhere with me, I would take her to Hawaii so that we could relax together on the beautiful beaches and then enjoy the amazing food! (or so I have heard, since it would be a first for both of us)”
 Pick a Dynamic Duo that describes you and your pup!
“I have to go with an animal related duo...I would say Bolt and Penny from the Disney movie Bolt. They will do anything for each other and they love each other with everything they have.”

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We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our Fur Moms of Healthy Spot! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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