Healthy Spot Grooming Package: Flea Season Buster

Healthy Spot Grooming Package: Flea Season Buster

May 31, 2017Joseph Hotter

Summer’s here and that means fleas are out in full force. Which is why we’ve got a killer Flea Season Buster Healthy Spot Grooming Package to battle those unwanted pests. Our Healthy Spot Grooming Salons are known for their elite quality and dedication to the satisfaction of customers. Not only will your dog be getting flea and tick proof, they'll also leave our salons looking as good as ever!



We’ll treat your flea bitten pup with a gentle all-natural flea shampoo followed by a medicated flea bath with deep conditioning treatment so that your pup’s coat comes out healthy and bright. We finish off the flea treatment with an all-natural, vanilla scented flea repelling powder so that your pup isn’t just looking great and protected from pests but smell great too!



Take it from us: you don't want to wait until your pup has fleas to take action! Get rid of those fleas before they become a summer long problem. Come in and add this package on to any of our standard grooming packages for just $22. Call your local Healthy Spot to schedule your appointment today!


The Perfect Grooming Experience. Guaranteed.

Haven't tried our grooming salons before? Then today is your lucky day! We are so confident in our grooming services that we are offering all new customers 50% off their first groom! Plus, we guarantee all our work. You can request your first Healthy Spot Grooming Appointment Here


We’ve devoted time and resources to build a grooming experience like none other. Each of our grooming salons are designed to meet our rigorous safety standards to accommodate dogs of all ages and temperaments. Our apprenticeship program is guided by our award-winning grooming staff to ensure the highest quality service, vast knowledge on breeds and hairstyles, and a consistent groom every time you visit our salon.



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