Earth Animal No-Hide Chew Update

Earth Animal No-Hide Chew Update

Mar 20, 2019Andrew Kim

One of the brands we carry, Earth Animal, was recently referenced in an article concerning their No-Hide Chew ingredients. The study to determine if they were misbranded and/or adulterated under the provisions in the Pennsylvania Commercial Feed Act was based on the question of if these chews contained rawhide. Rawhide isn't digestable in a dog’s system, which is why we avoid offering it in our chew product selection.

After many investigations of the brand, the conclusion states at no point has rawhide come in contact with their No-Hides, or been used in Earth Animal’s manufacturing process.

The Pennsylvania Department Of Agriculture stated multiple facts about how they went through this investigation, all leading to the conclusion that there is no rawhide found in No-Hide chews. Points included:

- Documentation obtained of incoming ingredients for the No-Hide chews, where ingredients appeared to match the formulas of the chew and the batter

- Records collected of the formulas indicate that animal products such as meat, poultry and fish are used in the batters that are hand applied to the No-Hide chews. The production process at Pony Express, their manufacturer, allows for unintentional DNA transfer from one batter recipe to the next and will transfer to the No-Hide chews as well. Pony Express uses Rawhide in other products they manufacturer, but not in Earth Animal products.

- During the process, it was observed that the dough is hand rolled into a shape that appears identical to that of rawhide chews, but the characteristic is not found on all No-Hide chews due to the nature of being hand rolled by individual persons.

Earth Animal made a statement thanking their loyal customers and trading partners for their loyalty and look forward to continuing to provide only the highest-quality No-Hide products. Based on these findings, we feel confident to continue to offer these chews in our stores, with the guarantee that these products are safe for your pets to consume.

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