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Apr 28, 2022
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Celebrate & Sip With Spot! 🎉

Apr 28, 2022

IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY MONTH and we are so excited to celebrate with our pack all month long! One of our favorite ways to celebrate any special occasion is to make homemade goodies to enjoy and share with loved ones. With the help of a few fur-iends, we put together some of the tastiest treat recipes with ingredients you can find at your local Spot!

Plus, we know all the Spot pawrents out there deserve some celebrations, too! The heart of Healthy Spot is the community we have created with those who believe in the same principles we do when it comes to our fur children. As a thank you for another amazing year, and with the help of This Girl Walks Into A Bar, we have included drink recipes you can create for yourself as you and your pup make these tasty treats! 

Barkday Brunch Treat & Drink Recipe:

Healthy Spot Smallbatch Recipe for Barkfast DIY Dog Treat Doggie Breakfast @sweetlifeofcalvin
What you'll need:

Smallbatch Lightly-Cooked Frozen Sliders
Smallbatch Beef Jerky Treats
• One Egg
• Microgreens

Defrost 2-3 Smallbatch Lightly-Cooked Sliders ahead of time in the fridge. Transfer defrosted sliders onto a plate. Cook your sunnyside-up egg without any oil, butter, salt or other additives. Place the cooked egg on top of the sliders and garnish with microgreens. Place your Smallbatch Jerky on the side.

This Girl Walks Into A Bar Aperol Spritz
What you'll need:

• Prosecco
• Club Soda
• Orange Slice
• Rosemary Sprig (optional)

Add ice to a wine glass. Pour in 1-2 ounces of Aperol, 4-5 ounces of prosecco, and 1-2 ounces of club soda. Add the orange slice to the glass and garnish the drink with a sprig of rosemary.

Barkday Dinner Treat & Drink Recipe:

Healthy Spot Dog Charcuterie Board Barkcuterie Recipe for DIY Dog Treat @kaleiahskyy
What you'll need:

MIND BODY BOWL Lamb Liver Treats
• MIND BODY BOWL Smoked Beef Treats
• MIND BODY BOWL Smoked Turkey Treats
• MIND BODY BOWL Chicken Breast Treats
• Dog-Friendly Fruits & Veggies (such as Carrots, Blueberries, Raspberries, Bananas)

Assemble about ¼ cup of each treat onto a wooden board. Fill the spaces in between with the pup-friendly fruits and veggies.

This Girl Walks Into A Bar Spicy Mint Margarita
What you'll need:

• Margarita Mix
• Orange Liqueur
• Jalpeño
• Mint

Add a thin jalapeño slice and 4 to 5 mint leaves into a glass. Add two ounces of tequila and muddle the jalapeño and mint until they start to break apart and the liquid has a nice green hue. Strain the tequila into a martini shaker. Add the Margarita mix and orange liqueur, then fill the shaker with ice. Shake well to mix, then transfer into a glass. Garnish with a mint sprig threaded through a lime and jalapeño wheel.

Barkday Dessert Treat & Drink Recipe:

What you'll need:

MIND BODY BOWL Super Sprinkles
• Earth's Best Bully Butter
Messy Mutts Dog Treat Trays

Slowly mix 3-4 scoops of your MIND BODY BOWL Super Sprinkles with water until a pasty texture starts to form. Scoop a spoonful of Super Sprinkles mixture and apply a thick layer to the bottom of your Messy Mutts Treat Tray. Spoon in Bully Butter on top and smooth out. Let freeze for 4-5 hours.

This girl walks into a bar Strawberry cucumber Gin and Tonic
What you'll need:

• One Cucumber
• Strawberries
• Lime Juice
• Tonic Water

Muddle 4 – 5 thin slices of cucumber in two ounces of gin. Muddle until the cucumber starts to break apart. Strain the gin into a glass. Next, muddle 3 strawberries into some of the gin until they break apart and the gin takes on a red color. Strain into the glass. Prepare cucumber garnish with a few more thinly cut slices. Add ice to your glass and top with tonic water. Garnish with cucumbers and strawberries.

Our barkday feels extra special this year knowing our fur-iends at home are celebrating by munchin' and sippin' with us! Don't forget to tag  us @healthyspot on Instagram when you’re sharing all the photos and videos of you and your pup creating these recipes - We're hosting a Birthday Giveaway all month long and creating one of our barkday recipes will count as two entries, doubling your chance to win our Birthday Prize Pack!

Fourteen years ago, Healthy Spot was just coming to life as a pet store committed to inspiring healthy pet lifestyles. To this day, we stand by that belief and the promise to deliver wholesome, organic food lines made with the highest quality products. Thank you for trusting us with your pets’ health and happiness for 14 years. Cheers to many, many more years together!

A special thank you to our fur-iends Calvin, Kaleiah and Happy for helping us bring these recipes to life!

For our birthday month, we’re giving MIND BODY BOWL Benefits members a $10 reward with any purchase over $75 made in-store or online! Sign up for free now to be a member and earn points on all your purchases to redeem towards rewards. Plus, receive DOUBLE POINTS on ALL food purchases to earn points even faster!

Comments (2)


Posted on April 28, 2022 By Barbara Rodas

Love the barkcuterie board idea!

Posted on April 28, 2022 By Diana Nguyen

Love it!! Definitely trying out the breakfast recipe w/ the sunny side up egg!