Benefits of CBD & Hemp for Your Pet

Benefits of CBD & Hemp for Your Pet

Apr 19, 2022Yasmin Amirani

Similar to humans, our pets are prone to anxiety, fear and pain. And, just like humans, CBD and Hemp products have lessened and even resolved similar cases in pets. If you have ever considered treating your pet with CBD and Hemp, you may be on the right path to helping your pet ease uncomfortable triggers. Before you head to your local Healthy Spot to stock up on products, continue reading to learn a little more about these products and how they can potentially help your pet.

It's important to mention the CBD and Hemp products we carry will not make your pet high. The hemp in pet products derives from hemp seeds and CBD is extracted from various parts of the hemp plant, such as the stalks and leaves. Although they come from the same plant, hemp does not contain THC while CBD may contain a small amount (less than .05%).

Dog with MIND BODY BOWL Hemp Oil Drops - CBD for pets

Regularly incorporating CBD and Hemp products into your pet's routine can benefit their health in a multitude of ways, from their skin and coat to joint support and heart health. Similar to humans, CBD products are primarily used to help ease any ongoing issues such as inflammatory problems, seizures, pain relief and anxiety. Another vital key to note is that although CBD and Hemp products can be commonly found, it is crucial to give your pet products specified for them. While CBD and Hemp products are safe for both people and pets, products made for humans may contain ingredients not suitable for pets and can contain higher THC levels that can be dangerous if ingested by animals. The products we carry at our Healthy Spot locations are made with pets in mind to suit their needs.

There is a vast selection of CBD and Hemp products at your local Spot that is safe and may be suitable for your pet's needs. Take application into mind when selecting a product for your pet: will it be easy to serve it as a treat, would your pet be comfortable with quick oral droplets or would it be best to mix it into their food?

MIND BODY BOWL Hemp Oil - CBD and Hemp for pets
Made from plant-based ingredients in the USA, naturally formulated to calm anxiety and nerves.
Prospect Farms Bacon CBD Calming Drops - Hemp and CBD for pets
Prospect Farms Bacon CBD Calming Drops
Crafted with all-natural ingredients, these drops are designed for daily use to help manage stress, promote relaxation and may reduce hyperactivity.
Primal Hemp Chewables for Cats - Hemp and CBD for cats

Primal Hemp Chewables for Cats
These chews can help cats with behavioral issues, discomfort, seasonal allergies, inflammatory response and other age-related issues. Plus, evidence suggests that they may also promote urinary and digestive health.
Primal Organic Hemp Oil with Full Spectrum CBG - Hemp and CBD for pets

Primal Organic Hemp Oil with Full Spectrum CBG
In addition to supporting digestive & urinary health and enhanced brain function, research suggests that CBG can promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness.

Green Gorilla CBD Dog Nibs

Green Gorilla Freeze-Dried Nibs
These savory ultra-wellness nibs are a convenient and tasty way to start giving your dog CBD! USDA Certified Organic, each nib contains approximately 3mg of CBD.


CBD and Hemp products have not only helped alleviate many pets' discomfort, but have also helped ease the minds of pet owners. These natural products may help keep your pet relaxed during high-stress moments, like fireworks or long road trips. Don't let your pet miss out on the fun, head to your local Spot now and speak with a team member about which product is best for your pet today! 

If you have any questions or concerns before your store visit, reach out to
MIND BODY BOWL Hemp Oil - CBD and Hemp for pets

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